Halloween and now...Christmas?!

I got a bit of Christmas shopping done this morning.  Did I seriously just say that?!  Actually, I always tend to get going on it at this time in November, with the hope of being done by early December to avoid the total insanity of the Christmas-Rush.  Still, it feels so early.  Wasn’t it just Halloween?!

Speaking of which, the kids of course had a great time that day.  It was a school day, which the kids loved because it meant having a Halloween parade and seeing everyone else’s costumes.  Getting ready for trick or treating isn’t so much of a treat for me, as I always find the kids are bouncing off the walls and bordering on crashing from the excitement, but we got through that part of Halloween, and then the fun of trick or treating began.  

My parents came over to hand out candy while James and I went out with the kids.  The weekend prior I’d gone to a Halloween party with the kids where I was asked to dress up, so a couple of hours before the party I threw together a ‘Cereal’ Killer costume that turned out pretty cool, and I loved how it was cheap and easily taken off my jacket so I can either re-attach it again next year, or not!  Andrew thought it was super cool because I’d added on pictures of horror movie character cereal boxes that I’d found online, so it would be a little more unique.

Andrew went as Jason Voorhies (even though he’s way too young to watch Friday the 13th and I assure you he hasn’t!!), and the girls were Shimmer and Shine, which they’d got for wearing at their birthday party of the same theme.

Trick or treating was fun, and the weather was surprisingly really mild.  I had my jean jacket on with my cereal boxes attached to it, and was not the least bit cold and I didn’t even do the jacket up!  Usually the kids need gloves and are complaining about their hands being cold but they didn’t even need gloves this year!  It was perfect.  They all came back with way too much candy, that even after eating a ton of it since doesn’t look like even a dent has been made (it’s a bit ridiculous, actually…)  I had a virus, like a stomach type bug/flu-y/headache inducing not-fun issue that came and went for about a week, and I had it on Halloween so I wasn’t into the candy thing at all, which is crazy for me because usually I can’t help myself when it comes to candy!  I have eaten some since, but not much.  I haven’t really got my appetite back since not feeling well (which, when it comes to the candy aspect, is probably a good thing!)

I’ve been doing some volunteer work for a food bank, as well as volunteer stuff at the school, and when I’m home I’m cooking, cleaning, and working on odds and ends projects that I’ve been meaning to get to for ages but have never found the time.  There is still SO MUCH on my To Do list that I haven’t got to yet, and honestly don’t even know when I will, but I’ll get there eventually.  I really haven’t spent all that much time at all just relaxing since the kids started school, which is also something I know I need to work on.  Why wouldn’t I just take a day to laze around and not do much of anything, right?!  I feel like I can’t relax though, and I don’t exactly know why.  There’s just so much I want to do, and it feels like so little time to do it in even though it should feel like a lot.  Also, the school has so many !^*@^&$(%@! Pro-d days and ‘school closures’ that it feels like most weeks are a 4 day week - next week is only 3!  It’s ridiculous.  It’s funny because I used to love it when it was a pro-d because it meant I didn’t have to do the whole drop off and pick up thing, since I had two kids with me at home anyway what’s one more?!  But now that they’re all in school, it cuts into my time to get stuff done!  I do love having my kids home with me, but...there’s the weekend for that :P  LOL.  And it’s not like we don’t have hours and hours of togetherness from 3pm onward each day!!  They also love school so I don’t feel any guilt in sending them!  Even on a day when Margaret and Emily had a field trip that I decided not to take them to (because we’d already been to the place), they wanted to go to school that day instead of staying home with me (but I did keep them home for that.  It’s just funny to me that they’d rather be at school than at home!)

It’s hard to believe it’s getting to that time of year where we’re counting down to Christmas...I’m really not ready for it, but at the same time I know it’ll be here before we know it.  So I’m happy to be getting my shopping started, and hopefully finished within the next few weeks...


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