Thanksgiving already!

I’m hoping someone is going to show up soon to change the filter in our furnace so we can have heat if we need it this weekend.  I’m kind of bummed that management is being so slow to have our chimney cleaned, as it would have been so nice to be able to have a fire in the fireplace this weekend.  They’ve had that cleaned ONCE in the almost 5 years we’ve lived here, and it’s been at least 3 years now since it was done (maybe 4?) so I don’t feel comfortable using it till it’s been looked at.  It really sucks having such crappy landlords.

But enough about that!  

We’re heading into a busy time, with Thanksgiving this weekend (and hopefully a visit to at least one pumpkin patch!) and then the girls’ 5th birthday next Saturday.  We gave out 6 party invites the other day and so far have 3 confirmed ‘yes’ replies, so hopefully the rest let me know they’ll be attending.  Margaret and Emily decided on a ‘Shimmer and Shine’ theme (it’s a Nickelodeon show) and they got Shimmer and Shine costumes for Halloween, so they’ll wear those to their party as well.  I think it’s the cutest thing that they chose a theme that’s two girl characters so they can be twinsies but different.  

At this time of year it tends to feel like a whirlwind, because it’s Thanksgiving, the girls’ birthday, then Halloween, and after that it’s the craziness of trying to get as ready for Christmas as possible, then it’s Xmas, Andrew’s birthday, and boom we’re into a new year!

I can’t say I’m loving the change in weather, although we’ve had it good with not a ton of rain and quite a few days of sun that I wasn’t expecting would feel as warm as they did.  Today it’s just cold, and it’s supposed to start raining soon.  I miss summer, and prefer to be too hot as opposed to too cold.  (Altho that being said, my version of ‘cold’ isn’t that severe - I wore a sweater today but didn’t feel the need for a jacket!)

I think when the kids get home I’ll make them hot chocolate and we’ll watch a movie we haven’t seen in a long time, and cozy up on the couch together.  Whether or not that will actually be as relaxing as I’m envisioning is another story…!  The kids have a way of being filled with demands from 3:00 onward...

I’m still trying to get into a routine where I feel like I’m accomplishing a lot but also feel like I do have some ‘free’ time, which you’d think would be easy given the kids are all in school, but no.  I’m realizing how much I was doing before that I was managing to fit in while also catering to the kids, and the reality is that the basics of what need to be done on a daily basis take up a lot of time!  That being said, it’s nice to accomplish it with peace and quiet, or being able to play music of my choosing.  Also getting out more with my mom or meeting up with friends for coffee or breakfast.  It’s been a nice change, but I’m still struggling with certain parts of it.  I’ve been scheduling so many things and volunteering at the school so I’ve actually only had one day so far where I was able to be home the entire school day to work on things here.  I know there will be more days like that, and it’s not like it isn’t a good thing that I’m getting out and doing things, but there is such a long list of stuff I’ve told myself I’m going to accomplish and I can’t help but feel the pressure to tackle the list, but it’s just not happening quite as quickly as I’d imagined!

The kids are all enjoying school and as far as I can tell, are doing really well.  Andrew has several friends he looks forward to spending time with at recess and lunch, and he really seems to like his teacher and the kids in his class.  He hasn’t had any of the issues (that I’m aware of!) that he had last year, which is amazing.  The girls settled into Kindergarten just as I knew they would, and have been loving it.  It’s really cute hearing about their days, or hearing them sing songs they’ve learned in music class when they don’t know I’m listening!  I love that they’ve already made several friends in their class.  I knew they’d adjust well, and I like knowing they’re happy to be at school and actually look forward to going.  


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