School and migraines!

All 3 kids are officially in full time school!  The girls’ first full day was last Friday, so this is day 4 full time for them (of course for Andrew it’s old hat to be at school all day!)  They’ve settled in quite easily, which I figured they would.  Leading up to full time they kept asking me when they’d be able to stay at school through lunch, and why they didn’t get to be there all day like Andrew.  On the weekend they kept asking me when they’d be going back to school again!  They’ve been excited about starting for a long time, and I think this is great for them.  They were a bit out of sorts after school on Friday, and have been wanting to just veg till dinner time after school - Emily even fell asleep on the floor in the living room a bit before dinner yesterday!  It’s definitely an adjustment to go from preschool two hours a week to 6 hours a day 5 days a week!  But they’ve transitioned really easy, which I knew they would given how well they already knew the school, as well as their teacher.  They even have a group of girls in grade 4 who’ve known them for several years and apparently look out for them on the playground at recess and lunch every day!  They’ve got their older posse to protect them, and push them on the swings!  

Andrew so far seems to be really different at school this year - and I mean that in a good way.  He’s much happier, and has made friends with several people who he enjoys chatting with about their favourite music, movies, etc.  He’s 8.5 and has a bunch of friends who love Ed Sheeran, k-os, Bruno Mars, and even Martin Garrix, as much as he does!  He’s stoked!  I’m so happy that he seems to be flourishing socially, or at least for him.  He’s quite happy to just play on his own on the playground and can come across as a loner at times, but he’s happy to be that way and not just missing out because he’s not being included.  He doesn’t always want to be included, which James and I get because we’re both the exact same way!  But the fact that he has several people he’s excited to see and talk to and hang out with makes me happy.  He really likes his teacher a lot and comes home with positive stories about the day each day, which is in stark contrast to his doom and gloom attitude from last year.

As for me...Friday I didn’t feel like I had a day to myself at all because I was just getting chores done and I don’t entirely remember the day but let’s just say it wasn’t memorable, and felt like a bit of a waste of a first-full-day-to-’myself.’  I made up for it on Monday, though - my mom and I went out for breakfast and then went clothes shopping.  She had a coupon for 25% off at Reitman’s that she’d got for her birthday so we went there and I ended up getting a bit of a new fall/winter wardrobe and saved a bundle!  It was pretty awesome.  I also got some BOGO shoes at Payless (one shoes, one boots) so I’m pretty much set, other than needing some new rain boots.

My mission now is to FINALLY tackle my closet, which I’ve been wanting to do for years but never had enough time to do it properly.  I’ve started it, and it’s slow going, but it’ll get there, and I’ve already weeded out an entire big black garbage bag of clothes for goodwill!

On Tuesday I picked up a grocery order at Superstore in the morning, and came home and got it all sorted and put away, and then had to hurry over to the school to help with treat sales, which I’ll most likely be doing weekly throughout the school year.  It was total chaos, but went well.  By the time I got home I didn’t have much time before I had to head back again to pick the kids up.  

Today my mom and I went to Ikea to return something I’d got her for her birthday and picked out something she liked better (she had actually thought she wanted the item I got her, but then realized it wasn’t going to work once she had it, it’s not like she was just rejecting what I got her!!)  We had breakfast there, which was cheap but honestly not good, I don’t think I’d want it again.  But the shop was fun, and I got the girls’ new bedroom theme started, which they’ll be getting for their birthday coming up in a few weeks (I can’t believe my BABIES will be turning FIVE!)

I wrote the above yesterday...had to stop to go pick up the kids from school.  I ended up suddenly getting very strong symptoms of a migraine coming on, and when we got home from school I decided to take a pill my doctor prescribed me for migraines a few months ago.

I’d resisted taking one every time I’ve had a migraine since I saw him, and this was I think the 3rd I’d had since then, maybe 4th.  I’ve always had a tough time knowing for sure if I’m suffering from a migraine or a tension headache.  My doctor told me to take one of these pills as soon as possible when symptoms of a migraine start, but not to take one for a tension headache as it won’t help with those.  So I’ve always been nervous to take one in case I wasted it (as they’re $50 for 4 pills!!  We do have some coverage on that but not a lot).

The feelings I was getting yesterday were very reminiscent of what I went through on our trip to Seattle last month, and I just knew it was going to be a migraine and last for days.  I couldn’t stand the thought of it, and the more nauseous the pain was making me, I just decided to try one of the pills.

It took effect within 30-45 minutes and the pain was pretty much gone, still sort of lurking but not painful enough to make me feel like I was going to die.  It did make me feel sort of odd, though.  I don’t quite know how to explain it.  Like I was on drugs, but just sort of feeling loopy and a bit out of it.  Like something wasn’t right with me but yet I wasn’t feeling the pain anymore.  It was weird.  But great to not be in agony!  I felt off all night, though, and found I was slow in my ability to say what I wanted to in conversations.  I’d know what I wanted to say, and could even see the words, but they just weren’t coming out right.  I’m a lot better today but still not feeling 100%.  The headache came back through the night, not in full force, but enough that I didn’t sleep much and maybe got 4 hours before I needed Tylenol and then was just awake and decided to get up for the day since it was basically time to be getting the kids sorted for school anyway.  Luckily the Tylenol helped and I’ve been super productive today!


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