10 years of wedded bliss

July 27th was James and my 10 year wedding anniversary.  It’s hard to believe we’ve been married for a decade already!  The time really has flown by.  

Our wedding day was so perfect and I love thinking back on that day and remembering how special it was.  We also picked the best time of year (for us) to get married, because I don’t think we’ve ever had an anniversary with rain.  Statistically it’s always a hot, sunny time, which was one of the reasons we chose the date that we did.

This year our anniversary fell on a Thursday, and logistically it wasn’t going to be easy for us to have help with the kids that day.  Luckily we were able to secure help for the weekend, and well in advance of the date we had plans set that Andrew would have a sleepover at my parents’ house, and the girls would sleep over at my aunt and uncle’s.

On our anniversary day we sipped mimosas in the morning, which is pretty much my ideal way of starting a day (not something I do often, but on special occasions, what could be better?!) and then in the afternoon we took the kids for our annual trip to Playland.

When we took the kids before, we would take Andrew on a separate day from the girls because there was so little they could do compared to him.  But this year we decided to go once as a family, and in terms of the crazy high cost (in my opinion) to get in (it came to $168 for the 5 of us) I think we made the right decision.  It was sometimes complicated in terms of going on rides because Andrew would have to ride alone for some of them since the girls still needed an adult to be with them, but for the most part it worked out great, and Andrew was a good sport about riding alone when it was necessary.

It was a hot day, but not unbearable.  I actually like going to Playland on a hot day, I guess because it’s generally what we’ve done, and it’s part of the experience when I think about spending the day there.  We went on lots of rides, and particularly enjoyed their new ladybug rollercoaster.  I liked the mini version of Hellavator, which I had to go on by myself but it was quite thrilling!  The one that spins really fast in a wave while listening to really loud music is fun, too, and Andrew went on that one probably 4 times!  We brought some lunch, and James finally got a grilled cheese sandwich there (the stand that sells them has always been closed when we’ve gone before so he had to try it!)  We also, of course, couldn’t leave without getting some cotton candy.

The kids were all really well behaved while we were there, and just had a blast going on all the rides.  Sometimes we went on rides all together - the ones that we could - and other times James or I would take Andrew and the other would go with the girls so they could do separate/age appropriate stuff.  It worked out well, and eventually we’d all had enough so we went on the kettle creek rollercoaster one more time and headed out.  I was feeling pretty nauseous by then, after going on way too many of the super fast, twisty rides with Andrew.  We walked up the street to McDonald’s for fries, smoothies, and mcflurries before heading home, which the kids were pretty ecstatic about since it’s something we rarely do.

All in all it was a great day, despite how nauseous I felt by the end of the afternoon!!

On Friday we took the kids to Lion’s Park in PoCo, which was fun.  We didn’t spend as long there as I’d anticipated but it was so hot, and the splash pad was kind of sad there so we were all feeling the heat and preferred to go home and just relax in the backyard, which was cooling off with shade by the time we got back.  It was still a nice outing though.  I’d had bigger plans for us since James had taken those days as vacation days, but the reality was that I was hit by the curse on our anniversary and really didn’t feel up to doing as much as I’d hoped to do those days.  It worked out though, and everyone was happy with what we accomplished.

On Friday night I went over to a friends’ house for our monthly ‘Ladies Night Out’ and had planned on not staying out too late, but didn’t get home till almost 1:30 in the morning!  I only had a few drinks, though, as I wanted to be good for the next night since I knew I’d be out late on the Saturday.  I had hoped to be well rested but between having a difficult time falling asleep just naturally, and then Margaret waking me up as soon as I did, I ended up getting a pretty terrible sleep that night.  I actually have had crummy sleep for a while, even more than usual, but I’m surviving!!

On Saturday I dropped Andrew off at my parents’ place around noon, and my aunt and uncle picked the girls up from our house at 1.  Then James and I were free as birds for 24 hours!  Our first night without kids in over a year, and I can count on one hand and have fingers left over for how many nights we’ve had on our own in nearly a decade.  Which is hard to think about.  We did miss the kids and of course love being with them, but it’s important for us to have that time just the two of us, and I wish we were able to have a bit of a longer time of it.  I feel like we’d be hard-pressed to be able to get 2 nights away, I honestly don’t know when that will ever happen, and if I think about it too much it makes me feel sad.  So I’ll try not to think about it!  It’s just hard with only one night, because we basically just start to relax and then our time is up.

At any rate, we had planned on going downtown to have dinner and then meet up with my bro and sil to bar hop a bit with them and just hang out in the city.  We’d made these plans before I realized it was the first fireworks night of the Celebration of Light.  Which I would prefer to avoid like the plague, to be honest.  I went to every single celebration of light when we lived 2 blocks up from English Bay several years back, so I got my fill of it then and have never felt inclined to go back.  In all honesty, I can’t deal with the crowds, and the fireworks themselves aren’t enough of a draw for me to put up with that!  

I was tempted to cancel our plans and do something else, but I really couldn’t think of a good alternative.  We decided to just go ahead with our plans, but chose a different restaurant than the one we’d originally planned on, because that would have put us right at Davie and Denman which would have been crazy busy.  Instead we went to our old haunt, Sala Thai, which is where James proposed to me, so it felt fitting to go along with our anniversary plans!  

We headed downtown for a little after 3, wandered and checked out a few shops, and had a little bite to eat at Chipotle, which I’ve heard of but didn’t even realize we had in Canada (that’s how often I get out!)  Then I went to have my undercut re-done with my hairdresser since I wanted it touched up before our trip this month.  James went and got a coffee while he waited for me, and then we slowly made our way to our dinner reservation.  Of course it was delish as always, although we didn’t order as much as we normally would because we were still kind of full from Chipotle.  We did have several tasty drinks, however!

After that we took the skytrain to Main and met up with my bro and sil, and they introduced us to some hole in the wall bar that you wouldn’t even know existed if you were just walking down the street.  It seemed pretty sketchy the way you go in, but it all worked out and I had a really yummy Lavender Gin Fizz.

We also went to a few of my bro and sil’s fave hangouts, that we’d also gone to the last time we hung out with them downtown.  It was a lot of fun.  We rarely ever get to hang out like that, and we have pretty different lifestyles given they don’t have kids and we have 3.  But despite our differences we really have a lot of fun hanging out together.  I wish we were able to do that more often.

We were having so much fun, in fact, that we were shocked when my sil looked at her watch and said it was 12:35am already!  We had a ways to get home, so we had to get going pretty quickly after that.

We went to catch a bus going up Hastings, but it ended up being full so we had to wait for the next one.  15 minutes later we were on it, only to have it stop a few stops later.  The bus driver came on a few minutes later to announce that he had to wait for a supervisor to come because ‘someone had decided to bleed all over his bus.’  We were far enough back on the bus that we didn’t see the blood, and had no idea what the details were.  We never did find out what happened, but luckily another bus came a few minutes later that we transferred to.  Once we got to our stop we still had a 20 minute walk home because the last bus going our way was done for the night.

We didn’t get home till about 2am, but it was totally worth it!  We had such a great time.  Unfortunately by about 3:30am I was throwing up, but by morning only felt groggy and out of it, slightly nauseous but not actually getting sick anymore.  That night definitely took its toll on me though!!

We went for breakfast at de Dutch, which was so nice since we never get to go for breakfast.  We waited for an outside seat so we enjoyed sitting out on the little patio.  When we got home we sat out in the lounge chairs in the backyard until the girls were dropped off at 2pm, and that concludes our ‘weekend-just-the-two-of-us’!  I picked Andrew up after we had a short visit with my aunt and uncle, and then we came home and just hung out for the rest of the day.

It was a great 4 days having James home, and us celebrating our anniversary!


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