Not as overwhelmed these days

Lately I’ve been finding the kids so much easier.  Not saying I feel like I’m breezing through the days, I still have my bouts of total exhaustion and my moments where I’m ripping my hair out/counting down the minutes till James gets home to help me.  Andrew has also in particular been having some issue with anger and not really getting along with everyone lately, which sometimes makes things tough (although as of this past week I think we’re getting a handle on that, and this week has been pretty amazing with him, I must say. He also has a 'new best friend' which I think has been really good for him, and she lives right down the street which is nice).  

I think it’s just that now with Andrew being 8.5, and the girls being 4.5, they’re all getting to better ages for activities seeming less overwhelming.  Especially with having multiples, it was so challenging for such a long time because the girls would be here there and everywhere and when there’s only one of me and 3 kids, two the exact same’s tough.  I feel like so often I just didn’t leave the house because it wasn’t worth how stressful it would be to take them out.  Now it feels like the little errands that used to seem impossible are feasible.  I can pop into a store for something and not feel overwhelmed, and the kids are usually very well behaved and good about whatever needs to be done.  Not that they weren't when they were younger, it's just that it always felt way too complicated.

I think every stage naturally comes with its own set of challenges, and maybe that’s a good thing because it forces us as parents to stay on our toes.  But I admit that as much as there are times where I really CAN’T BELIEVE how BIG and grown my kids are getting, I also feel relieved that the baby stages are over and we can reason with them, they know about safety and being careful, and I don’t have to do absolutely every single little thing for them at all times.  (And as much as twins can be challenging in their own right, it's true that the fact that they always have someone to play with and have each other is super helpful, because everything doesn't always fall on me when it comes to entertainment!)

I may be speaking too soon, because let’s face it, kids have a way of KNOWING when their parents start to relax and think things are easier and they do everything in their power to kick it up a notch and make things complicated!  But I’m hoping there will be more time to relax this summer because the kids are at an ‘easier’ stage than what we’ve been accustomed to.  Not ‘easy’ by any stretch of the word,  but ‘easier’.  

I sort of feel like it’s a stage to really make sure I enjoy as much as possible, because all 3 kids are still young enough to be innocent and just children and still like cuddles and spending lots of time with me.  They’re old enough to not be causing me the insane sleep deprivation of being babies or toddlers, but young enough to still feel like babies at times because they’re still little (especially the girls, of course, but Andrew is still somewhat cuddly, too!)  It’s sort of the best of both worlds.  Soon enough they’ll all be way more grown up and won’t need me as much as I might realize I want to be needed, so I know this stage is one to hold onto for as long as I can.


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