Kids new swim suits

Yesterday after dropping Andrew off at school, I took the girls to Walmart to find them new bathing suits.  Their 4T’s were starting to fit quite snug and they were complaining after last week’s swim class that they weren’t comfortable in the water.  I told them they could pick whichever suit they wanted, within reason, and Emily said, ‘Yeah, depending on how much it costs!’  So cute!  I was thinking more along the lines of what style they would want, but definitely the price also has to be right!!

At first Margaret said she wanted a Paw Patrol suit (they don’t even like the show AT ALL but have one paw patrol toy they’ve been playing with recently so that must have been on her mind when she saw the suit!)  I was about to see if they had it in a size 5 when Emily saw a Barbie bathing suit (they both love Barbie) and when Margaret saw it she had to have that one, too.  They had 2 size 4-5 and it turns out it’s a great fit with a bit of growing-in room to spare.  I thought it was really cute that they wanted the same suit (even though I know their swim instructor would probably prefer they were different, since even though THEY ARE NOT IDENTICAL TWINS people still seem to have a difficult time knowing who’s who (which is crazy to any of us who know them, because they are soooooo different in soooooo many ways, it’s obvious who’s who if you spend just a few minutes with them!)  

I used to always dress the girls the same because COME ON how freaking CUTE are two babies/toddlers/little ones wearing identical outfits?!  It’s one of those twin things you get to do, and to me, the cuteness factor was through the roof.  I still buy two of everything so they have the option of dressing the same, but I don’t force them to by any means.  I let them choose their clothes for the day, they dress themselves, and some days they choose wildly different outfits.  But I notice that it’s not uncommon for them to announce that they want to be ‘twinsies’ and they put on the exact same outfit and will mention to each other throughout the day how they’re twins and hold hands or hug.  It’s really adorable.  I love it when they choose the same things, just because I do find it so cute that THEY want that, it’s not just me projecting that onto them like people have said in the past when they didn’t have a choice because they were too little make that choice for themselves.  They like it that way, too, and on the days that they don’t, that’s totally fine!

What I find hilarious is that Andrew has such a tiny waist that he is still wearing a size 4T bathing suit!!!  So his suit is actually smaller than his sisters’ suits, and he’s double their age!  He wears a size 8 pants, but they only fit in the waist if they have those button things where you can cinch them in (which is the best invention ever for kids’ clothing!)  Even though I think he may be a bit short for his age, his pant length seems to be appropriate, it’s just his little waist.  He was a chunky monkey when he was a wee thing but with all his dancing and moving around - I should call him Tigger for how jumpy he is because he seems to just need to keep moving at all times - he really doesn’t have an ounce of fat on him!


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