Just lounging in the backyard

Everything seems better on a hot, sunny day.  I feel so refreshed with the change in weather, and of course it also helps that I’m actually feeling healthy for a change.

After school drop off this morning, the girls and I came home and they immediately started playing nicely together and didn’t mind in the least that I was getting some chores done and the computer ready to purchase tickets for Andrew’s year end dance performance.  Tickets went on sale at 10 this morning and I was SO NERVOUS we wouldn’t get the seats we wanted, but it turned out that I obviously clicked the refresh button at just the right moment, and scored front row center tickets!  The best of the best!  I’m soooo excited, and relieved to have the tickets bought so I can just relax until show time.

I got the van all cleaned out, vacuumed, and wiped down inside, and then the girls came out to help me wash the exterior.  Our first at-home car wash this year!  They had fun helping, and up until the end when things went a bit awry, they were relatively helpful to me!  I was happy to get Ramona (our van’s name) spruced up for the season.  Although we’re kind of hoping to trade her in soon for something better and more spacious, since we didn’t know about stow away seats when we bought her.  Sadly a regular sized minivan isn’t quite cutting it for us, particularly with all the camp gear we’ve now acquired for some summer trips!

Right now we’re sitting outside, or at least I am, writing this, while the girls play.  We filled up the pool and they’ve been sliding into it over and over, giggling and chasing each other.  This is the last spring they’ll be home for, since next year at this time they’ll be in school.  And it’s going to be our last summer before they start, so I really want to enjoy it.  Not that we won’t enjoy each summer moving forward, but I feel like in some ways it will seem more challenging to me in the coming years because I’ll be ‘used’ to the kids being in school, so the long breaks will be welcome in the sense that I enjoy our days together, I just won’t be used to going back to having zero time for anything else the way life is now!  The kids will also be that much older of course, and not as babyish as they are without yet being in school.  I swear time just flies by in the blink of an eye, I can’t believe how grown up they all are already. It's so important to enjoy the little moments, and right now I am.


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