A river runs through it

I decided not to go the route of arbitration with our management company, even though I DO feel it was warranted, and I have a strong feeling we’d have won a decent amount if we went that route.  Just the emotional turmoil alone for what we’ve been through here warrants compensation.  But I was finding the process adding so much to my stress level that it just wasn’t worth it to me.  Now I have to come to terms with my decision, because it makes me feel like ‘they’ve won’ in the sense that I KNOW they expect people to react just how I did and cave and not go through with the process, even though they know darn well we’re in the right.

We will be getting $200 off our next month’s rent as well as reimbursed just under $44 for one can of the paint we had to buy to re-do the walls.  And that’s it.  It’s a total slap in the face, and I told them that word for word.  They really don’t care, which is sad, but it’s the truth.  They do this to EVERYONE who rents from them, and there are people in even worse conditions than us I’m sure of it.  Which is wrong, unfair, and it makes my blood boil.  I’m still dealing with the effects in terms of worrying EVERY SINGLE DAY that there will be another leak, and not wanting to go to bed at night for fear a leak will happen and we’ll wake up to another lake to clean up.  It’s affecting my dreams, too - I’ve had quite a few nightmares the past month where we’re dealing with leak/flood situations.

My heart really goes out to those affected by the flooding in Quebec right now (and of course other areas dealing with floods).  I know how it affected me dealing with so much water and damage to our home, but ‘at least’ it was ‘clean’ water, and ‘only’ a few inches deep.  Yes, there was some damage, but it could have been SO MUCH WORSE.  I can’t imagine being woken up and told I have to get my entire family out of the house in 10 minutes tops and take anything with me of value and have several FEET of muddy water invade my home.  That’s so devastating.  I guess I have to thank my lucky stars that we had the type of flood that we did, and not something that would make our home unlivable forever, and ruin all of our belongings.

That being said, I also know it’s all relative, and what we’ve been through still isn’t right.  The long document I posted a few posts back that I had sent to management with pictures - literally the only thing that got done was putting a seal across the doorway separating the flooring between the hall and bathroom, and they replaced one vinyl plank that had been cut ridiculously by the front door, and added the baseboards to the downstairs bathroom (which they weren’t actually going to do, but I asked if they could please do that, and they managed to ‘find one baseboard somewhere’ so they were able to get that done…)  Literally everything else was either done by myself, my dad, or is still left unfinished - and I know they have no plans whatsoever to come back to do any of it.  

I’m still trying to feel good about still living here despite everything.  There is so much to love and enjoy about our home (the stuff we’ve done ourselves to make it feel like our own) and our neighbourhood, too, but it’s depressing the low morale around here (since other tenants are dealing with the same or similar issues).  I don’t see that changing, as I’m certain management isn’t going to change, so I just have to figure out a way to somehow be OK enough with it that it doesn’t eat me up inside!  I know I’m not the only person in our neighbourhood that’s affected by it to this degree, it’s not just me being sensitive.  But it is what is is, and all I can do is focus on doing what I can to make our home what I want it to be, and remember to always keep off the floor what I’d want to save should another river run through it…!


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