It has been A TIME.

This past month-and-a-bit has felt sooooo looooong.  Between the flood and the aftermath of that and all the crap we’ve had to put up with in terms of how things were ‘repaired’, and everyone in this house getting sick with cold/flu bugs and the kids transferring pink eye (or some sort of eye issue) back and forth with seemingly no end, it has been A TIME.

I did so well and didn’t come down with anything through the worst of the ‘renos’ but just before Easter (so about a week ago) I ended up getting whatever this bug is that doesn’t seem to know what it wants to do.  Usually I get a certain feeling in my throat and a bit into my chest at the onset of a cold and after a day or two that feeling subsides and the cold hits me.  I find that ‘certain feeling’ the worst part of the virus, usually, because it makes me feel unwell in a way that’s more debilitating than the stuffy nose part.  This time around, that feeling lasted for nearly a week and today is the first day I haven’t felt it, at least not yet.  Fingers crossed I’m on the mend, although I still feel very weak, extra tired, and have a really annoying cough that I KNOW will linger for weeks to come because everyone in my immediate family as well as my parents have all had it for weeks already and still haven’t managed to shake it.  Good times…

Despite feeling flu-like and waking up with a nasty headache yesterday (because OF COURSE The Curse is out to get me now, too!) it was James’ birthday so I had to shake it off and get things done because I wanted it to be a special evening for him.  He had to work, unfortunately, but I went all around with the girls looking for a nice cake for him in the morning.  I was wanting to get a cake from an Asian bakery that James and I used to go to for treats occasionally years ago, but we got to the store it used to be at only to find it was no longer there.  We hit up another Asian bakery in the area but the cakes there are made to order, and while they could have had one made the same day, it would have meant having to come back at dinner time to pick it up.  Not happening.  We ended up getting a big trifle from Safeway, and a small slab of red velvet cake, mostly for the kids in case they didn’t like the trifle (but it turned out everyone enjoyed the trifle, which from now on we will be calling ‘the custard covered fruit’ because that’s what Andrew was calling it and I think the name has now stuck!)

My parents came over in the early evening, and James came home an hour early from work.  First he had a glass of Sangria (as per his request) and opened his prezzies.  Andrew gave him tickets to a Lego Convention happening this weekend, the girls gave him some random camping gear as well as some rechargeable batteries (just because he’s been mentioning a million times lately that we need some), my parents gave him money and a big bottle of liqueur, and then he got his ‘big’ present, which is a new Smart TV.  It was a more extravagant gift than we’d normally do for a birthday, but I thought it was also an ‘investment’ in the sense that eventually we’re going to feel the ‘need’ for two TV’s (which I feel is silly to say because obviously no one NEEDS TV’s, but…!)  We’ve never had more than one TV, ever, and I think a lot of households have more than that.  It still feels like a luxury to me that isn’t totally necessary, but at the same time I thought it would be fun for us to have a TV upstairs as well as downstairs.  So now we do! James of course was THRILLED with it, because to him it’s like a fun toy to be able to set it all up and get apps on there and everything.  It’s pretty cool to have a TV that has everything on it that we need or want (and more!) without having to have at least one external box to go with it.

After the excitement of gift opening, we had Eggplant Parmesan, which I’d made the night before just in case I’d been feeling too unwell to make it the day of, and I’m glad I did that because I would have been way more tired if I hadn’t.  There was also a salad and a herb bread to go with.  My parents left shortly after dessert as they’re still not feeling great either, especially my mom who has a touch of pneumonia...Yes, we’re a really healthy bunch right now!

All in all I think James enjoyed his birthday, and even got to go out for an expensive lunch paid for by the company because someone else on his team was leaving so they were having their goodbye party.  I felt a bit jipped not getting to see more of him on his special day, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

I’ve just been feeling so foggy-headed this past little while, as well as mentally AND physically exhausted, so I haven’t felt up to writing much (although I have done a pretty good job of documenting things in case I still have to go the route of arbitration with our management company here...which is looking more likely at this point, unfortunately…)  I still feel like there are a million and one things I need to fix/reorganize/DO around the house to get it back to normal after everything that happened.  The flood REALLY threw me for a loop, and I feel like it has caused me to become more fearful/even less able to fully relax than how I was before.  Not that it’s the first time this house has made me feel that kind of unease, given all the many other leaks we’ve had, but this one was pretty severe.  James and I were playing a videogame (L.A. Noire for XBOX 360 - I love it!  Not often I truly enjoy a video game but this one is awesome!) the other night and at one point the character we play had to go downstairs in a house to investigate, and it was flooded so you could hear him sloshing around in the water.  I know it’s not like the water in our house was up to our knees or anything (THAT would traumatize me on a whole other level, I don’t even want to imagine it) but it definitely made a sloshing of water sound when we walked around, and now I just feel anxiety when I hear that sound.  I guess it will take a while to process it and move past it.  Which probably would have been made somewhat ‘easier’ had the workers done a better job and been more respectful of our stuff in the process.  The way things are handled in a negative situation can totally make a difference in how it affects a person, and sadly our management is incapable of doing things in a way that make any sense at all or make a person feel better in any way, shape or form.  

Anyway...hopefully there will be time for more writing soon, once I have a chance to clear my head.


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