Last Day of Preschool for my 'Babies' :S

Today is the girls’ very last day of preschool!  I told James last night that I was feeling a bit sentimental about that, and he said, ‘But don’t they start pre-Kindergarten next month?!’  Yes...they do...and at the same school...and as I found out this morning, with the same teacher...But still!!!  Pre-K will be more about learning and getting ready for Kindergarten, whereas their preschool was just about playing and getting used to a bit of a routine.  Most of the kids in their class just turned 3 and are like babies compared to the girls (which is crazy, seeing how different kids are just from age 3 to 4!)  In pre-k they are likely to be some of the youngest kids rather than the oldest, given that they don’t turn 5 till 6 weeks into the school year.

Anyway, not sure why, but I do get sentimental about these things!  On the other hand, the part of me that doesn’t love change is excited to know that they’ll have their same teacher and will be in the same classroom, which will make the transition a piece of cake (for them AND for me!)


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