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First a flood and now...mice?! PLEASE NO!

I was already beside myself with stress given the current situation of our house being torn apart.  We got word yesterday that the drywall will be put up next Tuesday (so basically 2 weeks after the flood), followed by painting the next day, and carpets the next.  I don’t know how they’re planning to do all the drywall in one day when they only have 2 drywallers and whenever they’ve done drywall here before they’ve only had a few walls to do in one day and it took the entire day just for that.  But that’s what we’re being told.
That doesn’t answer what’s happening with the back door, which due to not being properly sealed has caused the actual frame that is part of what holds the building together to start rotting away.
To make matters way worse than I thought they could be at this point, our next door neighbour came over this morning to inform me that they’ve had a problem with mice in their house for a week now.  Management is of course doing nothing and saying ‘maybe next week’ they’…

The Flood

(I wrote this on March 20th, so it has now been a week and 2 days...) (I also am way too wrought up right now to proofread so I apologize in advance if I was too wordy!)
It has been an insane almost-week that has felt more like a month at least.  The word ‘whirlwind’ comes to mind, though in reality it was more like a ‘whirlpool.’
Tuesday the 14th was my dad’s 65th birthday.  We’d hosted his party on the Saturday before, which I’m thankful for since if we’d waited to have his party the next weekend, it would have been cancelled.
On his actual day, he and my mom came over later in the afternoon and we visited and then closer to the time that James would be getting home from work we ordered some take away.  The plan was Chinese Food, but our go-to place was closed so we decided on Greek, which ended up being really good.  We had strawberry tall cake with ice cream for dessert.  After my parents left and the kids were in bed, James and I checked out a comedian show on Netflix, Mike Birbigli…

Last Day of Preschool for my 'Babies' :S

Today is the girls’ very last day of preschool!  I told James last night that I was feeling a bit sentimental about that, and he said, ‘But don’t they start pre-Kindergarten next month?!’  Yes...they do...and at the same school...and as I found out this morning, with the same teacher...But still!!!  Pre-K will be more about learning and getting ready for Kindergarten, whereas their preschool was just about playing and getting used to a bit of a routine.  Most of the kids in their class just turned 3 and are like babies compared to the girls (which is crazy, seeing how different kids are just from age 3 to 4!)  In pre-k they are likely to be some of the youngest kids rather than the oldest, given that they don’t turn 5 till 6 weeks into the school year.
Anyway, not sure why, but I do get sentimental about these things!  On the other hand, the part of me that doesn’t love change is excited to know that they’ll have their same teacher and will be in the same classroom, which will make the…