Christmas recap: 2016

The kids didn’t wake us up till 7am on Christmas morning.  I really didn’t sleep all that well because apparently I’m still a little kid inside and can’t help but be over-the-top with excitement over Christmas, but I felt so much more rested this year than I have in previous years on Xmas morning.  

We went downstairs to find that Santa had indeed visited our house, and not only had he brought wrapped gifts and of course filled the stockings, he also brought us a kitty cat.  But not just any kitty cat, a ‘Perfect Petzzz’ cat!  It’s basically a cat (this one his grey with black stripes) that is sleeping curled up on a little pet bed, and has a d-cell battery that makes it look like it is breathing (and if you listen really carefully it sort of sounds like it’s purring, too).  It’s literally the perfect pet, because it looks like a real cat but it is always curled up sleeping, doesn’t require food or a litter box, and can never die because if it stops ‘breathing’ you just buy a new battery!  She even came with a little brush, and adoption papers, which we just signed last night after agreeing on the name ‘Pearl’ (which is also a play on words since it could also be ‘Purrl’!)  It’s really quite cute...some might find it weird, but I think it’s perfect for us right now!  We’ve been missing Fifi so much and Santa did leave a note saying this cat of course can’t replace her as no cat could, but that maybe it’s the perfect thing for us right now because we can feel like we have a cat to pet and love but without all the responsibility attached.

The kids were pretty good about us getting our coffee (that thanks to the timer on the coffee maker was already brewed when we got up!) before starting on their stockings.  There was a bit of annoyance at having to wait for the video camera to get set up, but we wanted to record at least some of their opening.  They loved the stuff they got in their stockings, and played a bit with some of their new stuff while James and I opened our stockings together.  Then it was time for Santa presents.  The girls got unicorn purses, a dog stuffy, some books, a tea set and a movie theatre snack play set.  Oh, and panda stuffies!  They basically got everything they asked Santa for and then some.  Andrew got a ninja costume, a magic 8 ball, a Kylo Ren figure, and Star Wars bedding, all which he asked for.  Although after he sent Santa his letter he mentioned that he’d forgot to ask for the bedding but luckily Santa already had that in mind for him so it all worked out!

James and I got the final season of Downton Abbey from Santa, so we’ve started watching that the past few days.  James also got the last season of Game of Thrones.

Oh and Rudolph was kind enough to leave the kids each a new placemat - Star Wars Force Awakens for Andrew, and My Little Pony for the girls.

After Santa presents were opened we took a break and got some food out (croissants and cheese and some fruit) but the kids were too excited for more gift opening to eat anything!  There were presents galore, so I won’t go into all the details of what everyone got, but a few items...I got real amethyst earrings from James, pink cozy slippers and a cute ball ornament from Emily, chocolate and cozy socks from Margaret, my new planner and a pretty necklace from Andrew.  I also got bath stuff and other odds and ends.  James got an add on to the piano that he wanted that has proper pedals, a Star Trek Next Generation adult colouring book and markers, some shirts, a Bryan Adams piano music book, and a gag gift from Andrew was a ‘toilet time golf set.’  The kids got lots of DVDs, books, games and lots of toys...I can’t even get into all the details of it right now!  

After all our present opening was done we made some more phone calls (we’d also made a few during our breakfast break) to wish people Merry Christmas, and then the kids had some play time while James and I started prepping for dinner.  I had made a few of the dishes the night before but still had a few more to make, and the table to set, etc.  James was making the Tofurky and Brussels Sprouts.  

After a few hours of the kids playing with their new stuff we decided to give them their last gift, which we didn’t want to give them immediately because we knew it would take over too much.  We got an Xbox 360 and Just Dance 4 and Just Dance 2017.  All 3 kids love dancing so much, and they often teach themselves (especially Andrew) how to dance to the songs from Just Dance using youtube videos, so we KNEW they’d love the real thing.  We already had the Kinect because my parents have an Xbox and we would occasionally borrow it for a few days, but we didn’t have the Just Dance games, and we decided to get our own system since they’re being phased out now for Xbox One.  The kids were thrilled, especially Andrew.  I got the reaction on video when he said, nearly in tears, ‘I’ve waited my WHOLE life for this!’  

My parents came over at about 4:30 and we had mimosas (which I failed to mention I’d been drinking all day!  Not with a ton of champagne so I was pacing myself, but mmmmm they were good!!) and opened presents together.  I got earrings, pj’s, bath stuff, and lots of other items but the best gifts of all were the books my mom gave me.  I had given her a mother/daughter book years ago, and she had bought a for daughter from mother book, the kind where you fill in the blanks and add photos and whatnot.  She had completely filled out both books for me and I literally couldn’t believe it!  I was so happy to get those, I will definitely cherish them forever.

Our Christmas dinner was good.  It’s such a challenge to get everything heated and staying warm at the same time but it all worked out.  There were all the usuals and then some, and we were SO HUNGRY when we started and then ridiculously full a few minutes later!  It was really good.  A little after we had a white chocolate yule log cake that was really yummy, with candy cane ice cream on the side.

My parents went home a little after 8, and we got the kids to bed shortly after.  It was a huge day, but the kids did so well and there were barely any meltdowns, all considered!  I felt like everyone really enjoyed their gifts, and I had been really excited to give my parents their stuff so that was fun.  It was hard to believe that Christmas was OVER already, after all that lead up to the big day, but it really couldn’t have been much better, and for that I am grateful.


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