Christmas Dance Recitals

Before I write about Christmas and the days since, I have a few other things to record that I can’t believe I haven’t already.  Thankfully I DID do a good job adding tidbits of info to my yearly planner, and Andrew got me one for Christmas that has even more space in it for writing things down, so I DO have a record of little moments and things we’ve done on pretty much every day.  Still, it IS a goal for this year to write more in my journal on the computer and I am vowing RIGHT NOW that I’m going to make it happen!

On December 14th Andrew had his school Christmas concert.  Last year their Xmas concert had nothing to do with Christmas at all and was completely incoherent and downright weird.  The only saving grace with that one was that Andrew’s class was literally the highlight of the entire performance, when they danced to Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstitions.’  (Like I said, the performance was not the least bit Christmasy!)  I was nervous what they would come up with this year, but they have a new music teacher now so I knew it was likely to be altogether different.  I was pleased to find out that it was an actual Christmas concert, with each class singing a different song.  The even divisions had their concert on the Wednesday, so James and I went to the afternoon performance, and my parents took Andrew to his evening show.

Andrew’s class sang, ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’ and they were the finale of the show.  It was awesome!  The other songs were cute, too, and I enjoyed the entire performance (other than the talking bits, because our school doesn’t have the greatest acoustics and the kids using microphones really don’t know how to speak into them properly...but luckily the talking parts weren’t the main part of the show!)  The kids were told to wear ‘Rock Star’ clothing, jeans, a white shirt, and ‘whatever rock star accessories’ they had.  I wanted Andrew to be a bit more dressed for an actual Christmas concert so we made it rock star-ish in our own way.  He wore black jeans, a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to make it more casual, a suit vest but unbuttoned, and a red plaid tie.  Almost none of the other kids in his class dressed up in any way, they mostly just seemed to be wearing whatever they would normally wear to school.  So Andrew really stood out, and was front and center during the performance (which doesn’t surprise me at all, because unlike both of his parents, his favourite place to be is on stage in front of an audience!!)  Three kids in his class also had a ‘guitar solo’ and he was one of them, so he got to rock out on a fake guitar, and then at the end of the performance he used his open vest to do a cool little move as they finished off the song.  It was really cute and their class got a lot of cheers!  My parents really enjoyed the evening performance, and one of the school staff that Andrew really loves saved them front row seats!

On December 16th all 3 kids finished their swim lessons.  Andrew graduated to the next level, which is AWESOME, and the girls will still be in their level I would guess for a while, since it’s their first real introduction to swimming.  They did really well, though, and got glowing reports from their teacher.  I wanted to enroll them again right away in the new year just to keep up with it but now we’ve decided to wait till the spring to start going again.  It’s not like they need to become olympic swimmers, and really I’m just happy they’re all more comfortable in the water now.  I do want to get them back into it during the spring, though, I just have to be able to enrol all 3 into their classes for the same time slot due to the logistics of it all, and there was nothing available right away.  I’m so proud of all of them for their enthusiasm in the water and their willingness to try new things.  Not that the water was foreign to any of them, but there was some apprehension before they started that is completely gone now, which puts my mind at ease.

On the 17th Andrew had his Christmas Hip Hop performance.  It was held at a high school in Vancouver and it was such a great show!  Just an hour long, but he was there the whole day leading up to the performance for dress rehearsals.  They learned their routine in 8 hours worth of extra classes that he went to over a period of several weeks, and then the few hours of practice right before the show.  There were over 140 kids participating from his dance school and it was so good.  We got there early thinking there would be a huge line up but the only people ahead of us were friends of ours and one other couple, so we got front row seats and I managed to take a great video of Andrew’s performance.

His stage presence really is something.  I’m not just saying that because I’m his mom, truly, he has a gift for being on stage and I’ve been told that by people who don’t have to be proud of him because they don’t even know him!  He just beams while he’s dancing and he has natural rhythm that we’re still scratching our heads as to where he got it from!  LOL  He just loves dancing, and I was SO proud when I saw all the other kids in his group move off to the side and clap their hands while he did two one-handed cartwheels in the center of the stage.  He was the only kid in his class who got to do something extra like that, and I get such a sense of pride when I hear the ‘whoooaaaa’s’ from the audience!  I also get intensely nervous in the minutes leading up to his performance, as if I am getting my own bout of stage fright even though I’m not the one up there!!

It was a lot of fun leading up to Christmas, getting to enjoy those performances!


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