At home with my girls, + women's issues TMI!

On Boxing Day Andrew went over to a friends’ house for an all-day play date.  Her mom is a friend of mine, and the kids are in the same class at school.  She offered to take him on for the day so the kids could bake cupcakes, do crafts (they made really cool homemade Christmas crackers that Andrew gave us as gifts on New Year’s Eve) and play (they even had a dance party complete with disco lights!)  It was a really great day for Andrew, he had so much fun.  I was glad that he had that opportunity, especially on that particular day because my time of the month hit me hard that day, and I was pretty much completely out of commission.  I still did stuff because ‘mom’ and ‘out of commission’ don’t really work together I find, but I definitely wasn’t up to my usual standard of getting things done.

Luckily James was home and was helpful to me, there’s no way I could have managed on my own that particular day.  TMI about ‘the curse’ isn’t something I like to be public about necessarily, but I’m documenting it here because it was so severe this past cycle that I think it’s important I record it.  I couldn’t believe how much pain I was in, at times literally doubled over and breathing through contractions.  At one point in the evening one of the kids asked me why I was doubled over on the floor in a weird position and I explained (even though they have no idea as to why, obviously) that I had really bad cramps and they were hurting so badly that it felt like I was in labour.  Margaret replied, ‘Well, maybe you have a baby in your belly and it’s just time for it to come out now!’  LOL  She’s obviously paid attention when I’ve shared the kids’ birth stories with them!  I said, ‘There’s no baby in there, no way am I having another one of those!!’  :D

It’s really frustrating how bad it can get, to the point that each month I think it can’t get any worse and then it does.  And then I’ll have a month where it’s not so terrible, and I’ll think I can manage this, and then it gets worse again.  I don’t really know what to do about it, though, as I’m already on medication that’s supposed to lessen the bleeding (although if it truly is less, I’m afraid what would happen if I stopped taking them).  I just wish there was something more I could do for the pain than just Tylenol, which I end up maxing out on dosage wise and eventually end up with stomach aches because I’ve taken too much of it, but if I don’t I can’t handle the pain at all.  It’s a vicious circle, or should I say cycle.  I also get headaches the week leading up to my period, headaches during the week I have it, and did I mention I am now getting it every 2.5-3 weeks?  So no real reprieve in between, once you throw ovulation into the mix, too.  OMG.  Way too TMI for my liking!  But seriously, for someone who doesn’t want any more children, it’s frustrating spending the majority of my days in the throws of ‘women’s issues’.  I literally only get a couple of days in between it all and that’s it.


So the 26th was a total bust for me and I was feeling pretty down in the dumps about it.  I was just glad that Andrew was able to enjoy his day away, and the girls managed to enjoy their day, too, so it wasn’t a complete loss.

On the 27th I had a very early start to the day because James and Andrew were heading over to the island to visit James’ dad (as it was his birthday that day).  They left just after 6am.  I was on my own with the girls for basically 2 days, which was fine in the sense that they were really quite good for me the whole time, but it was also really awful timing in terms of my time of the month and the extreme tiredness I was feeling as a result of it.  I had one of the worst sleeps I’ve had in years that night because Margaret and Emily wanted to have a sleepover with me, and I quickly found out there is NOT enough room in my bed for all 3 of us, and I can’t sleep when little ones are moving about, talking in their sleep, and waking up a bunch of times throughout the night.  They loved having the sleepover with me so that’s the main thing, but I don’t think I could handle doing that again unless I can get a good nap in the next day!

On the first day we watched some movies the girls had got for Christmas, played with their new toys, read books, and built their Lego sets that my parents gave them for Xmas.  My parents came over for about an hour in the afternoon so I was able to go have a bath and relax for a few before they had to go, and then the girls and I ordered pizza because there was no way I could see myself cooking at that point.  The next day we didn’t do a whole lot either, but staying home and doing all our usual things was totally fine with the girls, so we made it a staying-in-our-jammies day.  The boys didn’t get home till a little after 10pm, by which point I was pretty exhausted but the girls had been good, like I said, so it was definitely ‘easier’ than it could have been!


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