It's the most wonderful time of the year!

We actually waited till December 1st to decorate this year.  If the kids and I had had our way, we’d have had everything up a week earlier, but I’m glad James convinced us to wait.  If I’d decorated too early I’d be starting to get sick of it all by now!  Instead, we’ve really been enjoying the tree and all the pretty, sparkly lights.  

December 1st was a Thursday so during the day I got everything out from under the stairs while Andrew was at school.  The girls ‘helped’ me get the decorations out, and I put all our usual decor into the bins and boxes so I could get everything put back under the stairs and it wouldn’t be total chaos in the living room all day.  When Andrew got home, the 4 of us decorated all the shelves, and then after dinner James put the tree together and we decorated it as a family (well, the 4 of us decorated it while James snoozed on the couch...but that’s all part of our tradition it would seem!)  

Margaret and Emily were able to help a lot more with putting decorations on the tree than what they were capable of last year.  In year’s past I’ve always had some help but then re-did a lot of the decorating after the kids were in bed so the tree wouldn’t only have decorations on the bottom portion where small hands could reach.  This year, Andrew used a step-stool to put some of the decorations higher up, and while I did turn some of the decorations around that were put on backwards, for the most part I decided to leave it how the kids designed it.  It turned out really nice, and it was fun to reminisce and tell the kids the stories behind some of the decorations.

After the tree was done, I put a dvd in that I had just purchased off Amazon.  It’s called ‘Amazing Stories’ and it’s a series done by Steven Spielberg in the ‘80s.  The specific episode I was after is called ‘Santa ‘85’ and is my all-time favourite Christmas made-for-tv-show.  We had it on a VHS tape from when I was small (the show came out when I was 5) and I watched it every single year, usually more times than I could probably count.  I loved that show, there was just something about it.  I of course hadn’t seen it for many years, given that I can’t remember when we last owned a VCR, and had an impossible time finding it for years.  I finally dug deeper and discovered that the only way to get it was to buy this entire season of shows on DVD.  I was hesitant because I know nothing about any of the other shows, but James told me to get it because it’s my favourite Christmas show and would be worth it just for that, and besides, some of the other shows might be good, too.  I still haven’t watched any of the others, but I plan to.  But I can definitely say I’m glad I was able to share ‘Santa ‘85’ with the kids! And make it a yearly tradition to watch with them.

We were all sitting cuddled up on the couch together watching it.  Emily was on my lap, Margaret was tucked in beside me, and Andrew was beside her.  (James was half-asleep on the floor...LOL).  Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Margaret looking around at the room and the freshly lit Christmas tree, and then she said to me, ‘I just love Christmas, it’s my favourite time because it’s all about family, and I just love my family so much!’  It was the sweetest thing ever!  She hugged me and kissed my arm and I could feel tears sting my eyes because how adorably sweet is it for a just-turned 4 year old to say something like that out of the blue?!

Ever since we’ve been enjoying watching all our usual Christmas shows, and I’ve been doing lots of fun Christmas crafts with the kids.  They made little wreaths, Santas, tree ornaments, snowmen, and paper Christmas trees so far.  It’s been fun, and really feels like a festive time.


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