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It's the most wonderful time of the year!

We actually waited till December 1st to decorate this year.  If the kids and I had had our way, we’d have had everything up a week earlier, but I’m glad James convinced us to wait.  If I’d decorated too early I’d be starting to get sick of it all by now!  Instead, we’ve really been enjoying the tree and all the pretty, sparkly lights.  

December 1st was a Thursday so during the day I got everything out from under the stairs while Andrew was at school.  The girls ‘helped’ me get the decorations out, and I put all our usual decor into the bins and boxes so I could get everything put back under the stairs and it wouldn’t be total chaos in the living room all day.  When Andrew got home, the 4 of us decorated all the shelves, and then after dinner James put the tree together and we decorated it as a family (well, the 4 of us decorated it while James snoozed on the couch...but that’s all part of our tradition it would seem!)  
Margaret and Emily were able to help a lot more with putting decor…