Swimming and dancing

The kids all started swim lessons in late October.  They’re absolutely loving it.  They only go once a week but they look forward to it and talk about going the days leading up to the day.  The girls are obviously in a different class than Andrew, but they’re in the same pool, and I love that we’re able to get all their lessons done at the same time.

I love how game all three kids are for new adventures and trying different things.  Of course, it’s not like the water was a new thing to them.  They’ve been to lots of swimming pools and have always enjoyed the water.  Andrew loved it when I took him to the pool regularly as an infant, but then with not going on a regular basis for a few years he got a bit nervous in the water and I really wanted to change that before he ended up with a potentially life-long issue with water.  I’m not the strongest swimmer in the world, but I’ve always enjoyed swimming and I’ve always wanted that for our kids, too.  It’s also an important life skill to have, and I especially felt that with the close-calls Margaret has had in the water.

There was of course the time a few years ago when I took the kids out to feed the ducks and she fell into the lake and I had to jump in to literally save her from drowning.  That terrified me, and it wasn’t until this summer that I took the girls back to feed the ducks again.  I’ve never felt the same about doing that since that happened.  Then in the summer we were at a pool party at a friends’ house and she had a near miss there as well.  I knew from that experience that I wanted to feel more secure with the kids in the water, so I’m happy they’re finally taking lessons.  Obviously once a week isn’t going to make them strong swimmers, but if I keep them enrolled long-term I do think they’ll be very confident in the water by next summer.  Andrew is already swimming with his face right in the water, which for him is a HUGE feat.  And he loves jumping off the side of the pool and doing cannonballs, which even 6 months ago he was apprehensive about.

I just think it’s great how the kids are always happy to try things, and are just excited to have new activities to do.  They’re so good-natured and (for the most part) happy children, which makes things so much easier on us!  They drive me crazy, not going to lie, but they also warm my heart, and I’m so proud of them for all their achievements in life.  

Andrew is also doing really amazing with his Hip Hop.  He goes to a great school for it, and yesterday James went to talk to the owner about something and all he said was that his son is Andrew and immediately they said, ‘Ooooh, yes, the Hip Hop star!’  It’s true that there aren’t exactly a lot of boys at the school, and I’m going to guess he’s the only ‘Andrew’, but still, I thought it was cool out of several hundred students they immediately knew him and what dance he does.  Yesterday we got to sit in and watch the class to see what they’ve learned so far and Andrew just never stops moving.  A lot of the kids just stand there till it’s their turn to do something, but Andrew can’t stop moving to the beat of the music!  I love seeing his progress with dance, and just witnessing him enjoying it so much.  It really is his favourite thing to do!


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