Documenting our days...

We got Andrew dropped off to school, and when we came home the girls decided they wanted to play upstairs in their bedroom.  I got some laundry folded and put away, a bit of tidying done in the kids’ bedrooms, and they’re still happily playing together.  They’ve been having a tea party with a bunch of their stuffies, and then decided they would play ‘reading time’ and are taking turns with books ‘reading’ to each other.  It’s so cute!  Yes, twins can be a challenge at times, but I really do love the fact that they have a built-in playmate.  Of course as I’m writing that they’re starting to argue…!

I’m disappointed with my lack of writing this year, although thankfully I’ve kept up fairly well jotting little tidbits of our days down in my planner, so I haven’t lost every memory of what we’ve done!!  I do find it so useful, and rewarding, to be able to look back on actual posts about the little details of things we’ve done, though, and I really don’t have a lot of that from this past year.  I often look to the archives of my blog to remind myself of when a particular event happened, but that’s not so easy to do when huge chunks of time are missing!  I really do want to strive to change that.

Right now I’m busy working on my yearly book about the kids’/our lives.  It is SO time consuming and I kick myself every year for not starting it earlier.  It would be so much simpler if each month I did a few pages based on that particular time frame, so that by the time mid November rolled around and I’m wanting to get it printed to send to people for Christmas, it wouldn’t be a giant ball of stress for me to complete.  That being said, I really do enjoy the process of it, and I’m ¾ of the way finished.  I’m just the Queen of Procrastination when it comes to such things, so I’ll wait till the 11th hour to get the job done.  I can’t seem to help myself.

I want to write about Halloween and the girls’ birthday and a few other recent events before they’re too far in the past for me to properly document, so that will be my next project!  Setting aside more time for writing would be nice, but it’s hard to set aside time for much of anything.

Now I can hear Margaret saying, ‘Alright, class!’  It’s cute hearing them play and use their imaginations together.  And as I wrote that they started whining and fighting...Wow, apparently I shouldn’t discuss how great they play together, every time I mention it things go awry!!


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