The beginning of fall...

(Written October 3...oops, I am so bad at remembering to post!)

It’s October, so I’ve officially decided it’s time to embrace the fact that it’s Fall and stop mourning the loss of Summer that seemed to happen way too suddenly for my liking.  I don’t love Fall and Winter the way I do Spring and Summer, BUT it has to happen, so I may as well get into all the things I DO love about these seasons.

Friday was a pro-d day so Andrew decided it was the PERFECT day to start our Halloween decorating, despite that it was still September!  I planned to only allow the kids to put up a few of our indoor decorations and then wait a week or so to really get into it, because last year I remember we decorated way too early and by the time Halloween rolled around I was kind of over it. BUT once we had everything out it was impossible not to get into the full swing of decorating.  We still have half our outdoor stuff to add, which I think I’m going to wait to do till after this next weekend, but we’ve got our Halloween spider lights up and I’ve already been enjoying having those on at night time.  I do love having the lights, and look forward to when it’ll be time to get our Christmas lights up in a few months!!

It’s a busy several months between Fall and Winter with Thanksgiving, and then the girls’ birthday the week after, and of course Christmas and Andrew’s birthday following shortly after that...  My dad is having surgery next month and we’re going to be travelling to the island for a few nights to visit James’ side of the family soon so it feels like there’s a lot going on this next little while.  A lot to prepare for, and wrap my head around!  


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