A Day...

(From yesterday)

Today was a truly terrible, no good, very bad day.  OH MY GAWD was it ever.  Wow.  I guess right now I should pat myself on the back because, hey, at least I survived it!

I know, first world problems and all that.  Obviously my day could have been far worse.  But it still royally sucked.  It was ‘A Day.’

I went to bed with a migraine last night and woke up with it not as bad but still not great, and I knew James wouldn’t be home till 10pm due to out-of-town co-workers visiting the office this week, which didn’t help.  

I had to take the girls with me to an impromptu meeting at the school first thing and they didn’t behave and it was exhausting and we had to leave part way through after completely distracting the speaker and everyone trying to listen because the girls were fighting over who had the rights to the better toys in the room.  

When we got home, while making eggs for breakfast, I cracked two eggs into a bowl, and the third egg in was filled with BLOOD so ultimately all 3 eggs had to be garbaged.  Totally grossed out and wondering why the hell that didn’t make me an instant vegan.  

Girls fought, so much bickering, so many tears, so much yelling ALL DAY.  

Yes, it was A Day.  

Went to pick Andrew up and Emily needed to pee so I had her pee in the Ikea potty we keep in the van for emergencies because the day was SO BAD there was no way I was going into the school and potentially running into someone I might have to talk to (!).  I put kleenex in afterwards to soak up the pee so there would be no risk of it dumping out while driving, but forgot about the kleenex part when I dump it all into the toilet at home and it clogged the toilet.  A lot of plunging later………

The highlight and GOOD POINT to the day was that we decided to carve a pumpkin….At least it was supposed to be ‘a’ pumpkin, until suddenly it was FOUR pumpkins.  A lot of work for me, but totally worth it and fun.  The kids decided what the pumpkins should look like, and I carved for them.  They were all happy with what they ended up with, and I was, too.  AND we’re all excited for the pumpkin seeds James will be roasting for us tomorrow!  Yum, I can hardly wait!

I ordered Chinese food for dinner because the pumpkins had taken over and it took all I had left just to clean up from that (as well as the dishes from earlier in the day that I’d neglected).  Instead of having it delivered I decided we’d go pick it up, even though it meant piling all 3 kids into the van with me since James wasn’t home, because it would give us something to do for a few minutes.  You know it’s ‘a day’ when you’d rather take all 3 kids to pick something up than just have it delivered to the door for a couple of extra bucks!

I was just thinking to myself, Mmm, that Chinese food was yummy, the kids liked it, too, maybe this day wasn’t soooo bad, when Andrew called out, ‘Oops’ to which I asked, ‘What?’ to which he answered, ‘I spilled some milk’ to which I asked, ‘Where and how much?’ to which I discovered on the couch, and a whole glass.

I would just think the kids were happy (before the girls’ bedtime, for example, they all started a long jump competition using a blanket with stripes as their measure of distance to jump, and I would just think how sweet it was that they were all giggling and playing together so happily when one would do something to annoy another and all hell would break loose and I’d wonder, in all honesty, how many more minutes of the day I could manage.

Emily was asleep almost the instant her head hit the pillow.  Margaret, of course (Oh, Margaret,’ as we often say) took a bit longer, but ultimately even she went to sleep relatively quickly when all was said and done (and teeth were well brushed!)

Andrew and I carved the last pumpkin and then started watching a show on Netflix about little baby animals in the wild, which of course was as cute as it sounds, and then off he went to bed (after somehow conning me into ‘one short story’ which ended up being fun because even though it wasn’t meant to be a silly story, I read it in a silly way and he laughed hysterically and in a way that totally made me happy) and then suddenly all the kids were asleep, and the house was quiet, and the dishes were done, and I had two minutes to actually THINK and then James was home and we were talking about our days.  Mine of which I can’t say I was desperate to recount but at the same time it was what it was.  I just hope tomorrow is better.  As in, soooooo much better, because I can’t even fathom the thought of having another day like today tomorrow!

A lot more happened than what I’ve shared here, of course, and a bit of it was fine but a lot of it felt challenging, frustrating, and in moments downright impossible.  I guess I should just be grateful that the majority of days are NOT like today in my life, and a day like today reminds me that most of the time, even if there can be some bad moments, it’s not like THIS!

Tomorrow is a new day, right?!  I already have my hopes set higher!!

Just random…

I asked Emily today:  What do you love about Mommy?  She replied: I love Mommy because she cuddles me all the time.   And because I love her.  I asked Margaret the same thing and she answered:  I love how Mommy doesn’t make us nap on any of the days anymore!  


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