Proud to be Canadian!

Talk about a lapse in memory!  In my last post I said I couldn’t remember what we did on Friday...Duh...Friday was Canada Day!  

We got the kids dressed in their new Canada Day outfits that my mom got them, and I managed to get a few cute pictures of them in the backyard.  It started spitting with rain then, and I was worried that we were going to have to cancel our plans of going to Burnaby Village Museum to check out the annual Canada Day festivities.  But it was just a light rain and didn’t amount to anything before it stopped.  We went to BVM a bit later than we usually would get there because we wanted to check out ‘Ish the Clown’ at a specific time.  Usually they have a magician on Canada Day but this time it was a clown.  Of course, the name ‘Ish’ made sense because he really wasn’t a clown in the sense of what one would generally think of as a clown...but he maybe had slightly clownish behaviour?!  Ish…!  Anyway, he and his partner were a great pair and sang cute little songs and got the audience participating.  The kids went up as close as they could to the stage to watch, and James and I hung at the back of the crowd where we’d set up our little picnic blanket.  During the performance Ish actually singled us out, told us ‘lovebirds’ to sing the next chorus, and then at another point in the performance he said that the next verse was for ‘the guy with the girl with the purple hair!’  It was a really silly song and in the verse it was about how he wants to be ‘a band-aid on a hippy’s knee’.  It was funny!  Andrew later told me that he loved that we were part of the song.

We didn’t even check out the little bean bag toss and other little kids’ games that we usually do.  After the performance we went and got in line for the carousel and that’s when Andrew had a bit of a meltdown so we basically did the one ride on the carousel and went home.  Everyone had a nap, and then after dinner we played out in the backyard as a family.

I can’t believe I forgot those details, but had to clarify because obviously Canada Day is too important not to include!  


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