First week of summer break

Summer holidays officially started last Thursday.  Andrew had a really successful year and it showed on his report card.  We had another ‘surprise’ party for him after school, like we did after his Kindergarten grad.  My parents came over and we had lots of nibblies and sat in the backyard.  My parents got Andrew a tin of Goosebumps books (that he and I have since started reading together each night) and we gave him the new Star Wars movie on DVD (which he’s been wanting desperately since he saw it twice while it was in theatres!), a Star Wars chronicles book (which he has been reading on his own a lot and absolutely loves), and a Kylo Ren pillow case, and some new felts (that the girls have been enjoying as well!)  He was pretty excited to have a party, since I’d made sure he would have no idea it was happening.  We had chocolate cupcakes for dessert that had little Star Wars rings on the top, as well as other characters that the girls would like better (not that they wouldn’t enjoy Star Wars, but they’re a iittle young for it yet!  And maybe they won’t enjoy it, who knows...I can’t say it excites me, but I know a lot of people are big fans!)
Andrew’s party was after school last Tuesday, and then on Wednesday we had to go back to the school at 10:30 to pick up his report card.  They had a final assembly Wed morning but it was just for the grade 7 grads, so I didn’t bother taking Andrew.  I was a bit annoyed that we couldn’t just pick up his report card on the Tuesday but we had to go Wed for it.  Whatever.  It’s over and done with now, and I can’t say I’ll be missing the school routine in the least over the summer (although there may be moments where I’ll think Andrew would be better off in school!!)

On Wednesday afternoon I took the kids to Toys R Us to pick out presents for a birthday party they were going to on Saturday.  I said they couldn’t get anything for themselves, but I ended up getting them one item to share amongst all 3 of them, and it was a whopping $1.97!  I got them a hoola hoop.  And it has already paid for itself and then some, which is awesome.  I would actually pay more for the hilarity of watching the kids sway their hips like mad trying to keep the hoop from falling!  Margaret in particular makes me laugh when she does it.  Andrew is mastering the hoolah hoop pretty well, he can probably go close to 10 seconds now without it falling.  To me that’s pretty good, considering I can’t keep it going for one second…!!

On Thursday Andrew went downtown to the mil’s, so in the morning the girls and I went and picked up my mom and went to a park near her house.  Margaret and Emily enjoyed the playground as well as the sandbox.  I keep all their beach toys in the back of the van at all times in the spring/summer so we’re always prepared for sand!  They love it.  My mom spent the rest of the day at our place till my dad picked her up when he was finished work.

I can’t really remember what we did on Friday, but we played a lot of badminton in our backyard in the evening.  It’s kind of our favourite summer backyard activity.  I wish we had a bigger yard for it but the space we have works pretty well.  The kids all like to play and Andrew is starting to get the hang of it pretty well.  Last night James and I played after the kids went to bed till it was too dark to see the birdie!

Yesterday the girls’ went to their very first ever friends’ birthday party.  Well, technically she’s Andrew’s friend (from his class, and I am good friends with her mom) but they’re all friends when it comes down to it.  The girls were SO excited when I told them that they were invited too!  K was turning 8 and Andrew got her a cool Mega Bloks Barbie castle thing, which ended up being a HUGE hit, and the girls each got her a rockstar barbie.  They were so pleased with themselves giving her the gifts!  Her ladybug themed party was at a garden center and all the kids got to make fairie gardens to bring home, which was really cool.

When we got home the girls went for their nap and Andrew, James and I played badminton together.  We basically just hung around, mostly in the yard for the rest of the day.  I also got a bit of gardening done in our front yard space, and we spent some time in there which I’ve been finding we don’t do as much as we used to.  I guess not since we really did the yard up out back last year, we have more space and everything out there that we need, but sometimes it’s nice to sit in our little yard in the front and enjoy the swing chair we have out there!

Tomorrow is my mil’s bday so today James took the kids and they all went to Bowen Island for the day.  I obviously wasn’t going since the mil and I don’t speak...Still very complicated, but not something easily fixed.  So I got the entire day to myself.  They left at 8am and will be back around 6pm.  Wow, a WHOLE day to myself, crazy.  I don’t remember the last time I had this much time!  I ended up spending over 3 hours in the morning painting upstairs.  I got both the kids’ closet doors painted and both their bedroom doors and frames done.  It seems crazy that it took that long to just get that much done, but the frames in particular take a long time since there are so many nooks and crannies.  It looks SO much better though, and I’m happy to finally be getting that accomplished.  After getting the downstairs done I kind of ‘took some time off’ and it’s been bothering me for a long time now that it doesn’t match the downstairs when you go upstairs.  I still have to do the furnace room door, our bedroom door, our closet doors, and all the windowsills.  I’d say I’ll need another 4-5 hours to complete that.  That’s not including the wall around the staircase that I’m going to pay someone to do (because I don’t want to be way up on a ladder in the staircase) or the fact that I want to paint our bedroom walls....AND the outside of our front door still needs done, too, and a few accents downstairs.  Sigh!  A constant work in progress, but eventually it will all be done.

It’s a VERY hot day today so painting upstairs was a bit nuts, but I can’t put it all off till the fall.  After I got done what I did, I sat out in the sun for a while and caught some rays, and then cooled down by the fan inside and had a sandwich.  I’ve lounged in the backyard a fair bit, went to the store and got some ingredients to make veggie burgers and corn on the cob for dinner, and now here I am.  It’s been a good day.  It has gone by FAST, but it’s been good nonetheless.

I wish James was off tomorrow, though, I feel like we lost a day of the weekend in terms of spending time together as a family.  He’s taking a week off in a couple of weeks, and I’m counting down till we get to have lots of fun family adventures together!


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