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A bittersweet holiday

I want to say it’s been a great summer so far.  The weather could have started off better, I do feel like we essentially lost the first several weeks of summer because it felt more like fall with how dark and dreary and rainy it was.  BUT the weather has definitely perked up, and we’ve already managed to check several things off our summer bucket list, including Canada Day at BVM, a friends’ birthday party that all 3 kids were invited to, an adventure at Rocky Point Park enjoying the spray park, playground, and a trail walk, as well as outings to other parks in the area several times over, the Saturday Market to buy some goodies, more carousel rides, bike rides, the annual community fair (with James’ dad joining us as he was staying with us for 3 nights), Lion’s Park in PoCo, backyard hula hooping and a new, bigger kiddie pool for the kids to put the slide in to make our own backyard waterslide - which they LOVE!  (And oh, what an adventure it was to bring the big pool home in the van…

Proud to be Canadian!

Talk about a lapse in memory!  In my last post I said I couldn’t remember what we did on Friday...Duh...Friday was Canada Day!  
We got the kids dressed in their new Canada Day outfits that my mom got them, and I managed to get a few cute pictures of them in the backyard.  It started spitting with rain then, and I was worried that we were going to have to cancel our plans of going to Burnaby Village Museum to check out the annual Canada Day festivities.  But it was just a light rain and didn’t amount to anything before it stopped.  We went to BVM a bit later than we usually would get there because we wanted to check out ‘Ish the Clown’ at a specific time.  Usually they have a magician on Canada Day but this time it was a clown.  Of course, the name ‘Ish’ made sense because he really wasn’t a clown in the sense of what one would generally think of as a clown...but he maybe had slightly clownish behaviour?!  Ish…!  Anyway, he and his partner were a great pair and sang cute little songs a…

First week of summer break

Summer holidays officially started last Thursday.  Andrew had a really successful year and it showed on his report card.  We had another ‘surprise’ party for him after school, like we did after his Kindergarten grad.  My parents came over and we had lots of nibblies and sat in the backyard.  My parents got Andrew a tin of Goosebumps books (that he and I have since started reading together each night) and we gave him the new Star Wars movie on DVD (which he’s been wanting desperately since he saw it twice while it was in theatres!), a Star Wars chronicles book (which he has been reading on his own a lot and absolutely loves), and a Kylo Ren pillow case, and some new felts (that the girls have been enjoying as well!)  He was pretty excited to have a party, since I’d made sure he would have no idea it was happening.  We had chocolate cupcakes for dessert that had little Star Wars rings on the top, as well as other characters that the girls would like better (not that they wouldn’t enjoy …