Saturday, June 04, 2016

My 'me day' didn't quite work out as planned

Today I had plans to go to the states with a couple of girl friends, which I was really looking forward to for many reasons.  I knew what I wanted to shop for, was excited to see what I might find at the stores we fell in love with when we went a few months ago, and it meant an entire day to myself, with my friends, no chores and no kid-related responsibilities.

I was pretty sad when the plans fell through and I realized that the day James had added to our calendar as ‘Liz’s Day to Herself’ would become ‘A regular Saturday for Liz.’  But these things happen.

I’ve been in a funk this past week in general, and I was beginning to feel myself slipping into an even deeper one.  But this morning I woke up feeling more positive, and while Andrew was having a sleepover at Nana’s, James and I decided to take the girls to De Dutch for breakfast.

We don’t take the kids out to eat at restaurants very often, in part because it’s crazy expensive for a family of 5 and the kids never eat much of what we order for them but of course they always want to order their own food.  As well, it can feel like more work for us than it’s worth because we have to come up with things to constantly entertain the kids.  As much as I enjoy eating out because it means I don’t have to cook or clean up, the pros don’t always outweigh the cons!

But Margaret and Emily were SO excited to be going to a restaurant today that they were on their best behaviour.  They were so good the entire time we were there!  They checked out their kids’ menus, coloured on them, and while they didn’t eat much of their food (surprisingly Margaret did better than Emily for eating, which is generally not the case) they did have some fruit and eggs.  I had a delicious Edam and spinach benny.  The girls wanted to get up and move around after a while but it was pretty much just as we’d finished up and were ready to go, anyway.  All in all a great experience and definitely we would do it again (although I think next time we’ll have to convince them to just share something teensy tiny and if they want more food they can have some of ours).

It was nice to break up the day by getting out in the morning, doing something we don’t normally do.  When we got home the girls and I went into the backyard, where I caught some rays while they put some water in the little kiddie pool.  I cooled off by dipping my feet in the pool, and Margaret got right in and was splashing around.  They were so well-behaved so for a little while I could actually just sit and relax and enjoy the sunshine (it was HOT today, and supposed to be even hotter tomorrow!)  

I got James to put a thing with 3 hooks up in my bedroom closet, which I’ve slooooowly but surely been getting more organized.  I don’t think it will ever ‘be organized’ but I’m content with having it be ‘more organized’!!  Once that little hook thing was up (I don’t know what to actually call it, but I'm using it to display my necklaces) I put up a picture a little ways above it of Andrew’s first year, with a picture for each month of his first year of life, and between the picture and the hooks I put up a decal that says, ‘Dream.’  I love the way it looks.  I want to be able to go into my closet (it’s a decent-sized walk-in) and feel relaxed and happy with it, not get keyed-up because it’s a disaster and I’m reminded of the work I need to do on it every time I open the door!  So I’m happy with the way it’s finally coming together.

While the girls were in their room refusing to nap, James and I had the chance to sit outside together and chat for a while, which is a major rarity on the weekends, or any day of the week for that matter it seems.  Then when it was too late for the girls to sleep even if they’d wanted to, we said they could come down and I got them dressed and off James took them to his mom’s for a visit.  He had to go pick Andrew up, and she wanted to see the girls as she’s been travelling the world for the past 7 weeks (she and I still don’t speak so I obviously wasn’t joining in the visit).  So I have had several hours to myself, it’s just that by the time I got it I’ve been feeling tired and lazy and haven’t managed to accomplish nearly as much as I had imagined I would have.  

Still, it’s nice to be sitting out in this beautiful weather, where the backyard is now in the shade but it’s still very warm and summery.  I’m going to read for a while, and just relax, and enjoy the calm before everyone is home again.

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