Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Time flies when you're having fun...

The girls started going to pre-school one day a week a few weeks ago.  It’s only for 2 hours, but it’s great because they get excited to go and have their ‘school’ time, and I get an hour and a half break (I don’t include driving to and from as part of the break!) to get stuff done on my own.  The first time I did a grocery shop, which was great to get done on my own but at the same time I found myself not feeling relaxed after all was said and done.  The second time I puttered about around the house and then sat out in the backyard and caught some rays, which was nice.  This week I managed to get some work done for the job I do at Andrew’s school, and got some other errands taken care of.  It’s amazing how much more pleasant it is to take care of that kind of stuff on my own, but also during a part of the day when I’m not as tired as I usually am by the time I have the chance to get anything done without kids (which would generally not be till after dinner).

But 2 hours goes by in the blink of an eye when it’s the only 2 hours you’re going to get during the day time for the entire week!!  I couldn’t believe how fast the time went by.  

Speaking of time going by quickly, this past weekend was over in a flash!!  My aunt and uncle offered weeks ago to do a house swap with us, where they would come to our place and stay with the kids for the weekend while James and I went downtown and stayed in their 28th floor apartment overlooking False Creek (it’s a pretty sweet pad!)  This past weekend it actually happened, and it was sooooo nice for James and I to get the chance to do something on our own for the weekend, and a huge bonus for it not to cost a fortune given that we had free accommodations!!

In the morning we took the kids to a salmon release event a little ways away from our house, which is always fun for the kids.  They love going around to all the different community booths to do crafts and win lollipops and whatnot.  We didn’t end up releasing any of the salmon again this year because the line up would have taken an hour to get through by the time we went to it.  It just didn’t seem worth it, and we needed to get the kids home so we could get ready to go downtown.

My aunt and uncle arrived around 2:30pm and James and I headed out shortly thereafter.  When we ‘checked in’ to the apartment we found two champagne glasses on the table and bubbly in the fridge waiting for us!  That was a really nice surprise.  We sat in their little nook by the window looking out to the water and sipped mimosas, which was so relaxing!  

At dinner time we headed out and went to Sala Thai, which we had a gift certificate for, and knew we would love because it’s our all time favourite Thai restaurant.  It’s the place where James proposed to me...nearly 11 years ago now which is CRAZY!  As always the food was delicious, and so were the drinks.  We each had 2 cocktails there, and then met up with my bro and sil afterwards where we hit up this totally hipster bar (they are the hipsters, obviously we’re not!!) in their neighbourhood for some beer.  We went to two more places after that, drinking excessive amounts of beer and finished off the night with some sort of (very strong) whiskey drink.  Did I mention that James and I are rarely ever out in the late evening and even less seldomly would be drinking copious amounts of alcohol all evening?!  

We didn’t get back to my aunt and uncle’s till almost 12:30am, we were having so much fun!  It really was a great time.  We don’t see my bro and sil all that much, and when we do there of course are usually children involved.  We used to hang out more before we had kids, so it felt like old times in a way and we had lots of laughs and it was just great to have that chance to hang out again.  I totally don’t regret it even though I felt completely off the whole entirety of Sunday!  Which was a bit of a shame because we’d actually planned on renting a tandem bike and ride the seawall on it (don’t laugh...tandem cycling is on our life’s bucket list LOL!)  There’s no way I could have cycled, I could barely even breathe properly to be honest.  We did go to Milestone’s in Yaletown for brunch, which was delicious and ended up being perfect.  We went back to my aunt and uncle’s for a bit of a rest after that because I wasn’t really feeling up to a whole lot, but a little later we ventured back out and did some window shopping, and also got the kids each a little gift from the Disney store because I always like to bring them home a little something if we’ve been somewhere without them.  Margaret got a little red Minnie Mouse stuffie, Emily a pink one, and Andrew got a set of little figurines from the latest Star Wars movie, which he is OBSESSED with.

We got home around 4pm and I admit I was pretty happy to get my fix of hugs and kisses from the kids when we got back!  But it was still so nice to have that time just James and me, and I felt sad after it was over, knowing it could potentially be years before we have that again.  Everything went well, I just can’t predict when or if we’ll ever be offered such a treat again!!

I’ve written a few things since my last post but never got around to posting them...I should go back and do that.  I stress over how little I write these days, because right now the kids’ lives are so fresh in my mind but I KNOW in even just a matter of WEEKS, let alone months and years, I won’t be able to remember so much of what’s going on right now.  I wish I had the time and energy to record everything the way I did when Andrew was small, but I’m HOPING TO GET BACK INTO THAT GROOVE so here’s hoping that this post has motivated me enough to get back to it…….!