Fresh paint, fresh outlook

I haven’t written anything in so long that it seems like a totally daunting task to come up with something to say.  I’ve been really great at jotting down key things about each day in the planner I got for Christmas, which is awesome since that’s exactly why I wanted it.  But writing on here shouldn’t just be put on the back burner…

Since the new year I’ve been very busy painting our house.  I decided that I wanted my ‘resolution’ to take a different form than the usual ones for 2016.  I vowed that I would get our house painted by the end of the year!  Which may seem like a lame resolution but I’ve been wanting to do this project since we moved in and the entire place was beige (aside from the kids’ rooms which my dad so graciously painted for them in ‘Little Boy Blue’ and ‘Bunny Nose Pink’ respectively, before we moved in).  I just kept putting it off because I knew it would be a huge project, and one that doesn’t thrill me given the price tag and the fact that we’re in a rental...A rental that springs leaks an insane amount (we’ve lived here 3 years since mid January, and we’ve experienced 9 leaks in that time, all but one causing enough damage to result in replacing walls, flooring, carpet, ceiling or several/all of those at once...I hated the thought of sinking money into a project we’ll get no return on (since we’re technically not even supposed to paint here, but COME ON, seriously, who can live in 100% beige for any length of time and not start to feel insanity creeping in...who’s with me?!  Even the doors, ceilings in the bathrooms, banister and so on where all BEIGE.  There was no contrast whatsoever!

So I decided to take the plunge and make this the year that it happens.  I decided it was worth more to feel like this is a home rather than just a rental house.  I wanted it to feel cozier, and more like ‘ours.’  We intend to stay here for a long time, so it just made sense to finally do it.  (Fingers crossed we have no more leaks!!)

We have a nearby neighbour who happens to be in the business of painting, and we were able to score a pretty good deal on paints, which has definitely helped get this project going!  In January I managed to paint almost the entire downstairs of our house (save for the bathroom, which I’m going to do in a different colour at some point).  In the past couple of weeks I’ve completed the rest of the downstairs, other than a couple of window frames that I still need to tackle, but I know it’s not that big a deal and I can do them relatively quickly.  This past weekend I painted several of the walls in our upstairs hallway as well as the bathroom door and frame upstairs.  I still have our 3 bedroom doors to do, and the door to the furnace room.  But it’s seriously getting there.  I have to hire someone to do the big wall that’s in the middle of the staircase because there’s NO WAY I would feel comfortable that high up on a ladder cutting in, but I have someone in mind for the job so it shouldn’t be too big a deal to get that done soon-ish.  Then I want to paint our bedroom a different colour, as well as the upstairs bathroom eventually.  

I went with neutral colours because I didn’t want to do something so drastic that I might get sick of it quickly.  I also didn’t want to go too dark because our house really isn’t as bright as I would like, so darkening it would just make that seem worse.  So while it was colour matched at a different paint store, the colour I went with for the living room was Benjamin Moore’s Baffin Island, and then everything else I did in Butter Cream.  Which is several shades lighter, but it’s almost hard to even tell there’s a difference because of the poor lighting in here.  

It looks AMAZING though.  I also painted all the doors/frames in Decorator’s White so there’s a really nice contrast seen throughout.  And the biggest thing of all was painting the fireplace rocks white.  That was a HUGE job, but has been the most worth it of all.  I LOVE how it turned out SO MUCH.  It just brightens that side of the living room up and makes it look as modern as a lava rock fireplace can look…!!!  It’s SO nice.  I rearranged our decorations a bit and put up a picture in the living room that we used to have upstairs.  But I eventually would love to get a few new pieces of art to hang on the walls to give it a bit of a different feel to go with the new colour.

It’s amazing how a coat of paint (or two!) can not only update a home, but give the illusion of a fresh start.  It feels new here in a way, and I think that feeling is just what I needed.  I still have a ways to go before it’s done, but it’s certainly going to be completed far before the year’s end!

Other than painting, I guess life is basically the same.  Although the kids seem to have suddenly grown up SO MUCH just in these past few months.  Andrew is 7 and just seems like such a big boy now and while he still has certain traits of a little boy, he is just way too grown up for my liking.  I want to freeze time so the growing can just stop for a while because I can’t stand the thought that he’ll only be a mama’s boy for so much longer!  He’s not showing signs of not being yet, it’s just...I know it’s not far off, and I can’t help but get teary at how fast time goes by.  The girls are almost 3.5 (in a couple more months) and they have sprouted like weeds since their birthday in October.  They got a whole bunch of clothes for their bday and Xmas and almost none of their 3T stuff is fitting well anymore, they’re just getting too big.  It’s almost like they’re skipping 3T altogether and moving on to 4!  It’s crazy.  When I told them this morning to just stop growing already and be my babies for longer, Emily reminded me that she’s already NOT a baby.  She also added, ‘And if I get the hiccups, I will grow and grow and grow and just be huge!’  And Margaret chimed in, ‘I’m going to be as big as you soon, Mommy!’  Those girls.  They are something else!  

I’m no less tired than usual and I think another ‘resolution’ of mine really needs to be GOING TO BED EARLIER and GETTING MORE SLEEP because I really, truly will admit now that I am suffering as a result of not getting enough sleep.  I stay up late so I can get stuff done that’s easier to do without the kids, and then just VEG because I feel like my mind NEEDS that time to just clear itself and just BE and not have anyone to answer to for a little while.  But at the same time, I know I’d feel better and be a better mom if I felt more well-rested in the mornings.  It’s a tough one, and I also just don’t sleep entirely well to begin with, so I resist the change since it’s not going to be an easy transition.  But I’m hoping I can do something about the near future.  I’m not committing to anything tonight, but it’s got to change soon!! :D


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