Painting and ballet, but not at the same time!

I didn’t think I was going to accomplish my painting goals over the holidays because I got sick with that cold/flu that lasted from Boxing Day into past when Andrew started up at school again.  But after seeing the house next door to us having been fully reno’d and the ugly lava-rock fireplace painted white, I was inspired to do the same with ours.  Theirs was done by the crew that came in to renovate before new tenants moved in so it was done with spray paint and probably didn’t take all that long to do because they were also replacing the flooring so it really didn’t matter what kind of mess they made in the process.  I didn’t want to have to worry about covering everything and potentially spraying something that shouldn’t be sprayed, so I had to do a much longer process of painting the rocks with a regular brush.  I used probably ¾ of a gallon of primer, then an entire gallon of paint to get the job done.  In all, it took me about 7-8 hours to complete and I did it all in the span of 24 hours!

It was hard work because there were so many nooks and crannys that I had to fill with the paint, but I got it done and the end result is AMAZING.  It’s just incredible what a coat of paint can do, both for the thing itself that’s been painted and also for the spirits of the person who sees it the most!  I feel so much better in our living room already.  But I’m nowhere near finished the project!

Next up is painting ALL THE WALLS.  When I say all, for now I mean the living room, but my ultimate goal is to have the entire house (other than the kids’ bedrooms) painted by the end of this year.  Call it a New Year’s Resolution if you will!  It’s happening.

Because I had a lot of supplies out, I also got the painting done finally that I’d originally planned to have done over the holidays: painting the dark cabinets in the upstairs bathroom white to match what I did in both the kitchen and the downstairs bathroom.  It looks AMAZING.  SO much better.  The bathroom still needs other updates (mainly the hideous tiles around the bathtub) but that’s not likely to ever happen, so I just have to embrace it.  Being that we’re in a rental, I can really only spend so much money, and as it is painting is going to be very expensive and in the end will cost us even more because they’re likely to steal from our damage deposit saying we have to paint it back (though I will put up a big fight to get the full damage deposit back after all the updates we’ve done out of pocket for this place, you mark my words!!)

The reality is, we hope to have no reason to move for quite some time.  This is our home and for the most part we’re quite happy here, so I finally made the decision that if we’re staying put, we can no longer have a cheap pukey beige coloured interior.  It’s the ugliest colour possible and they literally painted EVERYTHING with it.  I want all the doors and the banister and whatnot painted WHITE and then have either one main colour that we go with throughout the house (not including bedrooms and bathrooms) or maybe a few different contrasting colours throughout.  Nothing too intense, but a noticeable change that makes the house feel more like a home than a rental suite.  It’s going to be a lot of work but given how awesome the fireplace and bathroom being spruced up has made me feel, I am more than willing to put in the elbow grease to get it how I want it!

Unfortunately last Sunday I started noticing symptoms of yet another virus, had to miss a meeting that I was supposed to be a part of on Monday, and thought I was getting a bit better yesterday but have since had a relapse with.  I’m BEYOND frustrated with how many viruses I’ve had this school year so far, and this one I feel I can’t even blame on the school aspect of illnesses being brought home because Andrew’s not sick and for that matter no one else in this house is.  I’ve had way more than my fair share of sicknesses of late, but I’m glad I was able to shake myself off and get all that painting accomplished.  I really feel motivated now to keep it going till it’s all done.

In other news, Margaret and Emily started a ballet class today!  Yesterday I took them to a dance clothing store and we picked out their leotards, which they were so excited to actually try on in the fitting room (something they’ve never experienced before!)  The day before we had gone to Payless and they got white ballet shoes and white tights.  They looked SO CUTE in their little ballet outfits!!  I was so excited about taking them because it has been something I’ve wanted to do with them since they were babies.  It’s so great to finally be able to enroll them in things, because previous to being 3 classes of any sort required one adult per child, so I couldn’t do anything like that with them given that I can’t rely on anyone else to help me with that on a weekly basis.

I had hoped to be able to sit in on the class and get lots of pictures, but parents had to wait outside, which I do understand in terms of how distracting we’d be to a group of 3 year olds, but still.  I did sneak a peek a couple of times to see how they were doing and I thought it was so cool how Margaret and Emily were on opposite sides of the room, both totally enthralled with mimicking the moves of their teacher.  I was nervous before we got there because Emily can be quite shy until she warms up to new people, and can cling to me when she’s in that sort of situation where she’s unsure of her surroundings.  She even said right before we headed out that she would go to ballet, but she didn’t want anyone to watch her do it.

But as soon as we got there, there was another little girl there who had taken the class before and she got along with the girls right away.  The teacher was super nice and made everyone feel comfortable right off the bat, to the point that when I waved and left the room neither of my girls batted an eye!  I did hear the teacher say something to Emily shortly after I left but then she was completely fine, no muss no fuss, and they loved every minute of the experience.  They can’t wait to go back next week!

I was also pleasantly surprised that there were several other moms there that I clicked with immediately and we just chatted the entire time which made the class go by so fast.  I’m not very outgoing, so it’s pretty awesome for that to happen so easily!  I actually look forward to chatting with them again next week, so it really feels like a win-win situation all around.  


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