Clearly not over my own issues with ballet...but happy my girls are loving their class!

I got a day planner from Margaret and Emily for Christmas and I’ve actually been really great at jotting things down in it every day so I have little recordings of what we did each day.  I don’t really need a ‘planner’ in the sense that I don’t have ten million plans lined up that I can’t remember without writing it all down, but I asked for a planner for the exact reason I’m using it.  I love knowing that there are little notes about each day so if I want to look back, I’ll be able to better jog my memory for when things happened.

The only issue being that now I’m not writing actual blog posts about those events because I figure the info is already there, albeit in very short form and for my eyes only!

Baby steps, though.  At least the information is somewhere!

The girls had their 2nd ballet class this week, which was super cute.  Beforehand I told them they had ballet coming up and Emily gave me a serious look and said, ‘No, but I did that already.  I already went!’ and I said, ‘That was just the first class, you go every week for a few months!’  Her eyes lit up and she gave me the biggest grin!  They love the class so much, and I seriously have never seen anything cuter than my two girls in their adorable leotard outfits, tip-toeing into their class (as per the teacher’s instruction) with big smiles on their faces!

Now that I think of it, I just remembered that when I was in ballet at age 4, there were twin girls in my class!  To be honest, I didn’t like them.  I found them snobby, even at the age of 4 I remember getting a sense from them that they thought they were better than everyone else.  They got on my nerves, I actually remember feeling that way LOL.  That year the performance was Little Miss Muffet and I’m pretty sure I wrote about this either on this blog or one of my old ones from years ago.  I was chosen to be a spider, which made me SO MAD because I HATE spiders and I remember the twins, who were extra petite and had golden blond hair (I wasn’t probably that much bigger than them but certainly didn’t look as graceful, and I had brown hair), got picked to be the Little Miss Muffets and it royally pissed me off.  Just because they had blond hair (I remember the teacher saying they were more suited for the role because of stupid is that?!) they got to be like little princesses while I was an ugly spider.  Whoa, clearly I’m not over that!  LOL!!  I will say, despite that my girls have blond hair and potentially look more like those little girls from my class, they do not have attitudes, and if I do say so myself they are sweet, gentle, and genuinely kind little girls that I know aren’t making any of the other kids in their class feel like they’re somehow lesser than them!  Actually, seeing what 3 and 4 year olds are like, I’m really surprised by how I felt around those particular girls at that age, because I don’t tend to see those sorts of issues when I’m observing kids in that age group, but maybe I’m just not picking up on it...or maybe I was just a totally weird little kid (although I don’t think I was!!)

Wow, that was a rant…Moving on now!


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