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Clearly not over my own issues with ballet...but happy my girls are loving their class!

I got a day planner from Margaret and Emily for Christmas and I’ve actually been really great at jotting things down in it every day so I have little recordings of what we did each day.  I don’t really need a ‘planner’ in the sense that I don’t have ten million plans lined up that I can’t remember without writing it all down, but I asked for a planner for the exact reason I’m using it.  I love knowing that there are little notes about each day so if I want to look back, I’ll be able to better jog my memory for when things happened.
The only issue being that now I’m not writing actual blog posts about those events because I figure the info is already there, albeit in very short form and for my eyes only!
Baby steps, though.  At least the information is somewhere!
The girls had their 2nd ballet class this week, which was super cute.  Beforehand I told them they had ballet coming up and Emily gave me a serious look and said, ‘No, but I did that already.  I already went!’ and I said, ‘That w…

Painting and ballet, but not at the same time!

I didn’t think I was going to accomplish my painting goals over the holidays because I got sick with that cold/flu that lasted from Boxing Day into past when Andrew started up at school again.  But after seeing the house next door to us having been fully reno’d and the ugly lava-rock fireplace painted white, I was inspired to do the same with ours.  Theirs was done by the crew that came in to renovate before new tenants moved in so it was done with spray paint and probably didn’t take all that long to do because they were also replacing the flooring so it really didn’t matter what kind of mess they made in the process.  I didn’t want to have to worry about covering everything and potentially spraying something that shouldn’t be sprayed, so I had to do a much longer process of painting the rocks with a regular brush.  I used probably ¾ of a gallon of primer, then an entire gallon of paint to get the job done.  In all, it took me about 7-8 hours to complete and I did it all in the span …