My prides and joys :)

Andrew says ‘wiss’ instead of wish, ‘mouse’ instead of mouth, etc.  At almost 7 years old I’ve started to correct him more and he can say the words properly but he’s lazy about using his tongue to pronounce the ‘sh’ or ‘th’.  We laugh over it mostly, obviously I know he’ll say the words properly in time, but for now it’s a little ‘Andrewism.’  

Now that she’s 3, Margaret loves to talk about when she was a baby.  She often starts off sentences, ‘Mommy, when I was a beebee’ because she pronounces baby much more like ‘beebee.’  I find it absolutely adorable, not only the way she says the word, but the fact that she acts as if being a baby is just a distant memory for her, despite that she only just turned 3 6 weeks ago!

Emily is very soft-spoken and knows she’s the least trouble-making of the 3 kids...It’s the truth of the matter, she just is.  I find it so stinking cute when the other two are up to their antics and Emily gives me a sideways glance and makes a point of telling me, ‘Mommy, I’m not going to do that because I’m just going to sit here nicely and do my puzzle.’  Sometimes she’ll throw in, ‘Because I’m a good guhl’ or ‘Because I’m just an angel.’

I love the way Andrew’s new smile looks now that his adult teeth have come in as far as they have.  I loved his toothless grin as a baby, his baby teeth were absolutely perfect, it was cute when he had some missing here and there, and for now (until he loses other random teeth!) I love how his smile is so big with his over-sized looking front teeth in comparison to most of the others (he has 4 of his adult teeth in now).

I love the way Margaret is so spunky and will point her finger at me a certain way and give me ‘a look’ and then immediately throws her head back and laughs or gives me a big silly grin because she KNOWS she’s being cheeky.

I love the way Emily looks like a Cabbage Patch Doll and the way she looks nearly identical to my mom.  It’s really weird sometimes, because it’s seriously as if I’m looking right at my mom, only as a child and the child is actually mine.  It’s strange but also really amazing, and I love that she looks just like her.  When I was still living at home my mom and I would sometimes get old pictures out and whenever I came across the black and white ones from when she was a little girl, I would ALWAYS marvel at how adorable my mom was, with her chubby cheeks and innocent eyebrows.  I used to tell my mom she was the cutest baby EVER and lo and behold, I go and have the cutest baby ever, too!!  Which is not to say that both Andrew and Margaret aren’t also the cutest babies, because all 3 were and are the absolute perfectest babies ever in the history of the world (and my opinion is of course completely unbiased!) :)

All the little things the kids say in a day and their little mannerisms and the thoughts and ideas they express, I wish each and every one of those things could be bottled up and kept forever.  I don’t want to forget any of it!


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