A pretty good day over all

I feel surprisingly clear-headed tonight and that’s really saying something for me.  Lately by around dinner time at the latest I’ve been feeling kind of wretched, like I’m coming down with something even though I don’t think I am.  It’s always turned out to be a sleep issue, because once I napped in the evening or got a decent amount of sleep at night, I’d feel better in the morning.  

The cough that Andrew and I have had since our last cold still hasn’t fully gone away, (he had another cold in between, as well) and for some reason yesterday it was really acting up for both of us.  He kept complaining he wasn’t feeling well and while he did stay at school for the day, as the night went on it was clear he was coming down with something again.  He was doing his usual cartwheels and dancing after school, but by after dinner he was just slumped over on the couch, cozied up in his robe, cheeks flushed with an inability to smile.  

He stayed home from school today because I really felt for him, as I hadn’t been feeling so great myself.  (Although honestly I don’t think I’m getting sick, I really do just need more rest).  This morning I decided to be productive, and just started turning the laundry over when the power went out.  I swear, we’ve had more power outages in the past few months than we have in probably a decade or more.  It used to seem like the power NEVER went out and now I’m always a little on guard when it’s the least bit stormy.  I’d read last night that we were in for another wind warning and it was potentially going to be stormy for several days at least.  Well, the wind really started up and I wasn’t surprised when the lights flickered and then died altogether.  I was armed with 3 little push-lights for the kids to carry with them so they wouldn’t be afraid of the dark.  Our house is kind of dark on the brightest of days, and it didn’t help that it was grey and dismal outside.

Of course as soon as the lights went out, Margaret desperately wanted to watch a show.  When I reminded her we needed power to make the TV work, she threw her hands in the air and said, ‘Then just turn the Christmas tree on and I’ll look at that!’  LOL  Nope, sorry Margie, we need power for that, too!  Andrew suddenly wanted me to make mush for him, which I also couldn’t do.  I couldn’t help but laugh at how everything they wanted required power.  Instead, we all sat down near the window in the living room and I read them Aladdin.  Then I gave them the Christmas fridge magnets I got each of them at the dollar store, and then gave them each a cookie sheet so they could play with the magnets on there.  Then the Duplo set came out and they played with that.  So at least we had a lot of things to keep us occupied.  The power was out for an hour and a half, after which I quickly got to work in the hopes that the power would stay on long enough for me to do everything.

Luckily it did.  I got the laundry done (well, there’s always more to do, but I got some done!), I made eggplant parmesan which requires a fair bit of time at the stove but thank goodness the power didn’t let me down for that!  I also got some tea made and food heated up so we’d have everything we needed in case we couldn’t make the stuff later.

I also got some cleaning done, played some more with the kids, and before I knew it, it was time for the girls to go down for a (late) nap.  Andrew and I watched a little show and then I had his mattress set up in the living room so we could both take a nap while the girls slept.  Only he coughed literally every time I fell asleep so the sleep wasn’t as restful as I had hoped.  I think it helped, though, and is one of the reason I’m not totally far gone by this point because I did manage to get a little bit rejuvenated.  The poor little guy got no rest, though, as he was just coughing a mean streak the entire time.

He requested ‘his favourite soup’ after our rest so I obliged and made a pot of minestrone soup.  Oh, another thing I did before I made the eggplant parm was to cut up all our vegetables, put some into bags in the freezer for easy stirfrys and some in the fridge for snacking.  It makes such a difference when I do that, because when I opened the crisper I don’t have to sigh and think of all the work I have to do to make a meal, it’s partially ready already!  I definitely want to get in the habit of doing that every time I grocery shop.

Once the girls got up we played some games (Candy Land, mostly, which isn’t my favourite game but it’s a great introduction to board games for 3 year olds...and Andrew likes it, too), looked at some books, played with toys, and then I got the kids up for a bath.  They played well together for a while but there’s not enough room in there for all 3 kids for any length of time so of course they started splashing each other.  I was just about it say it was time for them to get out when Emily threw up in the bath and they had no choice but to get out!  I don’t know if it was a fluke or she’s really sick, but I have a feeling she’s at the very least getting Andrew’s cold.  SIGH.  We literally JUST got Andrew and Margaret over one that we didn’t get and now Andrew and Emily have something.  As a precautionary measure from the sickness I did a deep clean of the bathroom after dinner, so I’m also pleased that our upstairs bathroom is now sparkling!

Despite a few minor setbacks, it was a pretty good day over all.  Nothing overly exciting happened, but it was a day!


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