Week in review...

The super rainy and cold season has settled in here on the ‘wet coast’ it seems.  Of course it could be colder, but it just feels chilly and even with the furnace cranked up it’s hard to get warm for long.  I’ve rekindled a love of hot chai tea lattes, and fall scented candles from Bath & BodyWorks and I’m trying to embrace the season as much as possible.

It felt like a busy week this week.  On Monday we had my aunt and uncle and cousin over for a visit.  My cousin (technically cousin’s partner but I think of her as my cousin, too!) is going through chemotherapy right now and I’d already seen pictures of her without her hair, but the kids hadn’t seen her yet.  I had explained to Andrew what she was going through, but didn’t think it made sense to talk about it in any detail with the girls since they just wouldn’t be able to comprehend it at their age.  So I was a bit nervous as to how they might react.  But I should have known that there would basically be no reaction at all, and ultimately all that happened was Margaret went up to her, pointed at her head, and said, ‘Oooh, I like your haircut!’  I found it really good to see her in person and be able to ask her more questions and hear about what she’s going through with her treatment.  I think it can be really uncomfortable because you don’t want to say the wrong things or sound totally ignorant to what a person is dealing with when they’re going through something so major, but I was reminded what a great attitude she has and I think she’s a really strong person going through what she is, which is going to help her get through it.

Her experience has also really reminded me to be more mindful and thankful of what I have.  I know it’s all relative and we all have our reasons to complain, but ultimately I really don’t have anything major to be complaining about, and in my more challenging moments it’s important I remind myself that my situation could be so much more difficult than it is.

On Tuesday I had a follow up appointment with my gynecologist regarding my terrible periods (TMI alert!)  I went on a birth control pill called Lo Lo in order to hopefully get it under control, but after about 7 weeks decided it was not for me.  I think I’m really wary at this point of taking hormones like that, especially when I’m not using it as a form of birth control.  I found I was very moody, anxious, felt like I wanted to eat everything, particularly sugary things when I’d actually gotten out of the habit of eating a ton of extra sugar, and I had spotting for about 5 of the 7 weeks I was on the pill!  My period was the lightest ever and lasted only 3 days and felt like it was barely there, the cramps still made me take pain meds but I didn’t feel like I was in early labour and breathing through contractions so that was a definitely perk.  But I still had lots of headaches and just didn’t feel like the pros were outweighing the cons by any stretch.  So I’m now trying out a pill that isn’t hormonal that I only take for the first few days of my period and it’s supposed to make the flow less severe and that is all it focuses on.  I’m hoping less flow will equal less severe cramps, which are a huge source of the problem for me because I can’t spend several days of the month literally doubled over feeling like I’m about to birth a baby when I’m not, and have 3 kids to look after at the same time!  It’s not working for me.  If this new pill doesn’t work, the next recommendation is the Mirena IUD, but I’m so wary of having something actually inserted and left inside me for a long duration, it seems invasive and kind of gross to me, and again it’s hormonal so it’s going to have an impact on me psychologically, too, which I really don’t want if possible.  So fingers crossed this does the trick.  Oh, the joys of being a woman!

On Wednesday we were supposed to have the ceiling fixed in our living room (after the leaky pipe incident the day before the girls’ cancelled birthday party!)  James worked from home so that someone would be here when I had to pick Andrew up from school, in case they weren’t finished by that point.  The management company went to the extent of giving us a very legal document in our mail slot to give 24 hours’ notice of entry, yet they gave it to us at 2pm (I was there when it went through the slot) to say they’d be entering at 9am the next day!  They also put that day’s date on the top of the letter, but for the entry date they put October 4th...I can only shake my head at the incompetencies at this point, honestly.  

Because the work would be all done in the living room, the plan was I would take the girls with me and we’d go get my prescription filled from my appointment the day before, then head over to my mom’s for a few hours so we wouldn’t be banished to upstairs at our house, and forced to listen to the noise of the work being done.  James texted me at 11am and said they still hadn’t even arrived...And I started to get a bad feeling that it just wasn’t going to happen.  We went home at noon for the girls’ nap time, and at one I had James call the manager to find out where the guys were.  They were scheduled to be finished by 4pm and I knew there was no way that would be able to happen.  The thing is, we had plans for Thursday and I didn’t want them coming then, or Friday, so if they didn’t show or showed up and did a partial job, we’d have to wait at least till next week to get it done.

The manager said she’d get a hold of the guys and call right back….and a little over an hour later she called back to say they would not be coming.  James had to explain 5 times that Thursday and Friday did not work for us to have them in, until she finally seemed to understand that we were not ok with them doing the work the next day.

On Thursday morning at 8am I swore I heard a knock on our front door, but I was upstairs with the kids and thought it must have been my imagination because no one ever knocks on our door that early!  I ignored it, and finally came downstairs at 8:30 and immediately when I opened the front blinds, the drywallers were at our door.  I thought I could hear a vehicle idling outside since 8am, and it had been them, they literally just sat there in their van with it ON, for half an hour waiting for me to answer the door!  They said, ‘When did management say we should get started?’  I replied, ‘Yesterday at 9am!’  They just laughed a bit, and I had to explain that we told the manager the day before in the afternoon that the rest of this week wouldn’t work for us, so we were rescheduling for next week.  They just nodded and said OK and left.  No, ‘Sorry we didn’t show up yesterday’ or SOMETHING…...But anyway, not that I was expecting that because I definitely wasn’t, it would just have been nice!

I kept Andrew home on Thursday because we had a family doctor appointment in the afternoon to have our flu shots.  I could have taken him to school for the morning but the more I thought about it, the more of a hassle it seemed like.  He would be there for 3 hours and it would have meant all the usual charade of getting everyone ready and dropping him off and then picking him up right when I’d be needing to get the girls down for their nap.  So he stayed home, which made things easier, and we got to have some nice quality time to play Qwirkle while the girls had their sleep.  Then we headed downtown to our doctor’s appointment.  It sucks that our doctor is an hour’s drive away, but we like him and we’ve been going to him since Andrew was a baby so it just doesn’t make sense to look for someone closer if we don’t have to.  Andrew had been SO excited about the appointment and wanted to get the flu shot and we thought it would be a breeze as he’s never had issues with needles, even as a baby.  The girls we figured would cry a bit but it wouldn’t be much of a problem either.  We had opted to do the shots as opposed to the flumist this year because last year the girls reacted negatively to the flumist and had to go to the emergency room.

Margaret got her shot first and she cried for about 5 seconds afterwards but basically it was no big deal and she got a chocolate afterwards.  Emily was going to go next (she should have gone first, looking back) but with the few tears Margaret shed, she didn’t want to go next, so James did.  Then me.  Then we begged and begged Andrew to go next but he refused, which got Emily all in a state, and then Andrew was huddled between two chairs sobbing and acting like a 2 year old, which made NO SENSE because he’s had the flu shot before and KNOWS it doesn’t even hurt!  Finally we just couldn’t waste any more of the doctor’s time so we had to forcefully hold Emily down and have hers done, which sucks because it gave her a terrible impression of needles, and of course because she was so tense when getting it, her arm got really red and swollen and still feels warm to the touch two days later.  But Andrew made the biggest scene of all and refused to the point that he ended up getting the flumist instead, and I was not happy about it because of course now he has what appears to be a really bad head cold but I’m 100% sure it’s from the flumist because he just got over two colds and can’t possibly have another one already!  I hate the flumist and will never allow any of my kids to get it again, only the shot form (it’s different, the doctor confirmed that kids can react badly to one and not the other).

The plan after the appointment was to go to the dollar store and the kids could each pick one thing, but Andrew’s behaviour was so terrible that we had to tell him he couldn’t get anything.  We just couldn’t let him get away with how bad he had been.  It wasn’t just a matter of being nervous about the shot, he was acting out in ways that were inappropriate.  Well, he absolutely LOST IT in the store, even though we’d told him before we got there that he couldn’t get anything.  He was tearing things off the shelf, screaming, flailing around, it was SO embarrassing.  Eventually James had to physically remove him kicking and screaming and take him to the van to wait for us.

Emily picked out a little toy guitar (from the dollar store, so not the greatest quality but actually not bad for $2!) and Margaret picked out a My Little Pony stuffed animal that’s actually really cute and in my books worth more than the $3 paid for it!  (Since when did the dollar store become everything OVER a dollar though, really?!!)

James had picked us up some Chinese food before meeting us at the doctor’s office so when we got home I luckily didn’t have to cook.  Andrew ended up behaving badly again and had to go to bed right after dinner, Margaret refused to eat and had to go to bed at 7pm, so we were just with Emily till she went to bed a bit late after 8pm.  We realized now that we have 3 kids and with having had 2 at once, we really never have one on one time like that with either of the girls.  Andrew, yes, because he usually stays up a bit later than the girls, but that was the first time I know of that James and Emily and I spent time together just us.  She was being extra cute and adorable because I think she KNEW she was the golden girl!!

On Friday (yesterday) Andrew had school and the girls and I attended a meeting (not sure if I mentioned before that I’m a part of the PAC at the school this year...I have mixed feelings about the role I’ve taken on, but yeah…) and then in the evening James and I had a date night.  We hadn’t been out just the two of us since maybe early September?  Or longer.  It certainly felt like longer.  I hate that we almost never get to do anything just the two of us, I will say that is definitely something that gets to me at times.  But finally we had a few hours just us, and decided to go to Coquitlam Center because James really needed to get a pair of waterproof shoes/boots, and I wanted to get some new candles from B&BW.  Originally we were going to do our stuff at the mall and then find a restaurant to eat at, but we decided to just eat at the food court instead.  James got Thai food and I got Greek, which was so good I could eat it again right now!

We stopped at Starbucks on the way home, and then had a short visit with my parents, got Margaret back to bed (because she woke up when we got home, but it was nice to come in and hear that all was quiet and the kids were in bed already!) and then watched an episode of Gran Hotel on Netflix because they finally have season 3 up.  Such a great show, if you don’t mind subtitles (unless you speak Spanish!)

Today the van is at the mechanics and OMG do mechanics ever try to rip people off.  Thank gawd my dad knows a lot about cars and isn’t letting them get away with it - they were quoting prices upwards of $2000 for the work, when all we need done is less than $400 (which still feels like a lot to me, but I know it’s what actually HAS to be done!)  Hoping to have our wheels back soon so I can get some groceries.  Beyond that I don’t think we’ll venture too far this weekend, it’s so rainy and cold I just want to get a fire going in the fireplace and curl up with a blanket and sleep.  Not necessarily going to happen quite like that, but the fire in the fireplace is doable :)


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