My little threenagers

I LOVE 3 years of age.  The girls can be slightly more attitudinal at times, I’ve already noticed (sticking their tongue out at me, or even pointing their bums at me and saying, ‘Pfffffft!’  LOL!  But that’s probably more so stuff they’ve learned from Andrew than the fact that they are now ‘threenagers’).

They’re just so darn CUTE, if I do say so myself.  Of course, Andrew is still completely adorable, too, and I love his age as well.  Three is just perfect in the sense that they’re old enough to understand a lot, can do way more than they ever could before, but they’re also young and small enough to still seem babyish in some ways.  They love to remind me that they are NOT babies anymore, they are BIG GIWLS but they still have a baby-quality to them that I wish I could hold onto forever.  There are still slight hints of that in Andrew, and I think I’ll always look at the side of his face, the shape of his eyes, and see him as a brand new baby.  He still has the same flawless skin, and it’s baby-soft and adorable.  I just love it, and while I look forward to seeing what my kids look like as grown adults, I wish I could bottle up their babyness and keep it, because I KNOW I’m going to miss it terribly in the future.

This morning Emily wrapped up a stuffed animal giraffe in a little baby blanket and was rocking it and patting its back.  She came up to me with a look of pride and said, ‘This is my baby, Mommy!’ and she let me hold it so I stroked its ears and gave it’s soft nose a kiss.  She was so happy and acting so motherly and it made me think how beautiful it will be one day if she has a baby of her own.  I hope I can be there for the births of my kids’ babies someday, wow how amazing would that be.

The girls are both so expressive in such different ways and I love both their ways so much.  I can see so much of Andrew’s mannerisms in each of them.  Yesterday the animated way that Emily was telling me about something was SO Andrew that I couldn’t help but laugh.  Margaret is like Andrew in mischievous ways, only kicked up a notch if that’s even possible.  Margaret is definitely the most outgoing of all 3 kids, with Andrew not too far behind, and Emily a little more unsure of people.  She just takes a little longer to warm up, and sometimes I feel like people aren’t getting the true sense of who she is because when she’s just around those of us that she’s most comfortable with she shares so much of her personality, but when other people are around she retreats a bit into her shell.  Of course, I’m completely the same way, so I get it.  I also think people don’t tend to really know who I am unless they really get to know me and I’m comfortable enough with them, which sometimes bothers me because I feel like people don’t really understand me or know what my true personality is...but at the same time, I’m such an introvert that if I share too much of myself, I’m totally uncomfortable with that, too!  I was pretty outgoing as a little kid, though, so it will be interesting to see how much the kids’ personalities change over time.

I’m almost finished the yearly book about the kids’ lives that I’ve been doing for 5 years now.  It’s a lot of work but so rewarding to have as a keepsake and I’m sure the kids will be happy to have them in years to come (hopefully!)  It just amazes me how much the kids change in the span of a year.  Not really, in the sense that OBVIOUSLY little kids change a lot in a short period of time!  But it’s amazing to see it staring me in the face when I’m so used to seeing it happen gradually since I’m with them all the time.  It doesn’t always seem as obvious as it does, say to people who only see them every few months or so.  Once the book is finished I can really start to focus on getting prepared well in advance for Christmas...which isn’t as far off as I keep thinking it is!


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