Half a day to myself?!

Today my aunt and uncle took Margaret and Emily for the day, from 10:30am and they’re not bringing them back till after dinner.  So I’ve had several hours to myself and am on my own till it’s time to pick Andrew up from school.  We’re going to have a little mommy/son date and maybe do a bit of last minute Christmas shopping...I’d planned on having EVERYTHING done before December 1st, and that’s tomorrow...I don’t think I’m going to quite make the goal but I am VERY close!  Literally just a few things left to get so it’s not going to be a big deal to do a tiny bit in the next few days.

This is the first time I’ve had hours to myself like this in what feels like forever.  I’m enjoying it, and got a bunch of gifts wrapped and took inventory of who’s getting what, I got all my Christmas cards put into their envelopes and just have to get a few more stamps.  I just wish I had more ENERGY.  I stayed up last night to get the laundry folded, didn’t sleep all that well once I did go to bed, and now I’m suffering for it.  I would love to have some energy stored up for days like this when I actually have the chance to do as I please, because truthfully at this point all my body wants to do is SLEEP, yet I feel like that would be such a waste of my last bit of free time.  After I write this I’m going to just give in and take a nap, though, so that I’ll have the energy to enjoy my outing with Andrew after school.

Yesterday we took the kids for their picture with Santa.  I know it’s early not to wait till December (we went on the 2nd day he was at the mall!) but it made perfect sense in my mind.  One, I wanted to be able to put their picture in the Xmas cards I’m sending out, and two, they kept asking for different things from Santa and I was starting to panic that Santa was getting them all the wrong things.  BUT they asked for things that Santa can deliver, so all is good!  

It was so cute watching how the kids were with Santa this year.  Andrew loved Santa from the first time he met him, at 11 months old.  He’s never cried or been unhappy with Santa.  Margaret has always done well with him, too, other than spitting up all over his arm the first time she met him at 2 months old!!  Emily, on the other hand, has always had a bit of a tough time with Santa, because she’s shy and not entirely into getting too close to strangers, let alone a long-bearded old man in a giant red suit!!  LOL  I can understand why it might seem like a bit much.  BUT, now that she’s 3 and understands more about Christmas, she was pretty excited leading up to seeing him, so I knew there was a chance she’d warm up to him and be comfortable sitting on the bench with him without me holding her.  Last year I ended up in the picture because the only way she’d agree to be in it at all was if I held onto her.  This time James and I dressed appropriately so that if we had to be in the picture, it would look like we’d meant for it to be that way!  But luckily all 3 kids were happy to be with Santa on their own.  Margaret charged right up to him and asked if she could please have a candy cane, to which Santa answered, ‘Of course you can, but let’s wait until we’ve had our little visit first, ok?’  He told all 3 kids that he loved their outfits, and told Andrew he couldn’t believe how much he’s grown since last year.  Andrew seemed so chuffed that Santa had remembered how tall he was when he was 5!  Santa got Margaret up on his knee, and then said for Emily to get up on his other knee.  She seemed slightly hesitant but was ok with it, but immediately had both her hands to her mouth and was just staring at Santa.  Andrew sat down beside her and once they were ready and I’d moved over to where the photographer was, I asked Emily to put her hands down and she did right away, AND we managed to get a picture of ALL THREE KIDS SMILING!!  I was absolutely thrilled.  Santa was so kind to them and he was so authentic, it really made the whole experience feel magical.  

After getting their photos (which cost $28 for 2 4x6s and a digital download...oh and 4 wallet sized photos thrown in ‘for free’....) we took the kids to my parents’ place and then James and I went to Sears to look at the beds.  They had beds up to 70% off, and we’ve been wanting to get a new bed for several years now.  So after trying a bunch out we decided on one that was 70% off that we just couldn’t pass up, and it’ll be delivered in a couple of weeks.  I wanted to get the King size bed because I’ve always wanted one, but in the end we stuck with Queen size.  For the $400 price difference between them, I’d rather spend the money on a new duvet and cover and maybe one new sheet set, and then save a few hundred dollars, rather than having to buy a new bedskirt, all new sheets, and a new headboard as well.  Our room is spacious and could definitely hold a bigger bed, but I kind of like the spaciousness of it and the bigger bed would take away from that.  I think we made the best decision, and it’s going to be so nice to have a new, much more comfortable mattress.  We’re going to try our old bed in the girls’ room and see if they like sharing a bed, but if it takes up too much space and isn’t working, we’ll get them new separate beds, and this way we can finally get rid of their crib/toddler beds!

Backtracking a little further, we decorated for Christmas on Saturday.  So we’re now fully decorated.  We put the lights up outside a week ago, but I love that we now have the tree up and decorated, and all our shelves decorated.  The stockings are even hung by the chimney with care!  Andrew and James put the tree together while the girls and I napped, and the kids and I decorated it while my parents were also over for a visit.  The kids also enjoyed helping me decorate the shelves, and it was cute to see the girls’ reactions to our decorations because they don’t remember the stuff from last year.  This really feels like the first Christmas to them!  When it was almost time for them to go to bed on Saturday night, after enjoying the lights on the tree and sitting by the fire in the fireplace, we were watching a little show and Margaret hugged me and said, ‘This is the best Christmas EVER!’  It was so cute, but then of course James reminded her that it’s actually not Christmas yet.  LOL!  Here I am worried they’re not going to be happy with what Santa delivers and yet she thought that day had been Christmas and she was more than satisfied with how it all went :)


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