Countdown to Christmas!

I feel so Christmasy already, I can’t help it!  Yesterday I put our lights up outside, and discovered that one set was only half working, which was annoying given we only bought them last year.  I hadn’t kept the receipt, not thinking we’d need it, so today we went to Canadian Tire and bought a new strand to replace the malfunctioned one, and also got another string of lights to hang up in our bushes out front to match the strand in our tree.  I haven’t seen the full effect yet since I just put them up and it’s still light out, but I KNOW it’s going to look awesome at night time!  I LOVE Christmas lights and I’m completely OK with having them up this early because we’re only a few days shy from a month away from the big day.  

I put up our little Xmas tree on top of the hutch in our dining room a few days ago, but have yet to get it decorated because I have to take everything out from under the stairs to get our Xmas boxes out.  I don’t want to do that till we’ll actually be decorating the house fully, which we’re aiming to do next weekend (if I can wait that long!)  I’m going to do my best to wait, because I don’t want the same thing to happen at Christmas as what did at Halloween time - by the time the occasion was here I was desperate to dismantle the decor and have our normal setup back!

I think we’re completely finished getting everything for the kids, other than maybe a few sweet treats for their stockings.  Maybe one more thing for Andrew to buy but I don’t think so, I’m going to take inventory to make sure their gifts are relatively equal but I think it’s good.  I’ve also just got one more thing to get for James, a few things for other family members, but all the most important stuff has already been done.  I want to do some homemade stuff with the kids for them to give everyone, I just haven’t quite decided what yet.  Pinterest is great but also leaves me feeling totally overwhelmed, and like I just KNOW what we do won’t look like it’s supposed to, but there’s enough time that if we make something soon, we can always try something else if it’s a fail!

We’re going to be having Xmas day with my family, but are also planning for James’ dad, bro, and their significant others to visit for a few days over the holidays, too.  James is going to be off from the 22nd of Dec till the 11th of Jan which is AMAZING, I’m sort of already counting down the days.


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