Baby, it's cold outside

It’s so rainy and dreary outside.  I haven’t got used to how early it gets dark out these days!

Last weekend (not this past one but the one before) we took the kids to Science World.  I’d bought a membership back in June and we’d never gone once since I bought it, so I was thinking we’d have lost almost 5 months worth of the membership, but I was pleasantly surprised when they got our cards printed and the sticker for expiry is Nov 2016.  Not that we’ll be going a ton anyway, as it feels like a lot of effort to get there, but at least it’s an option - especially on these cold and miserable days where there’s nothing else to do.  The kids really loved it and it was nice to make a family outing of it.  I could take all 3 kids on my own but the likelihood of that happening are pretty slim.  The girls were a lot easier this time than when we took them last (which was probably about a year ago I’m guessing, or thereabouts!) but it’s still a lot of work for one person to make sure all 3 kids are within view.  Andrew generally wants to do different things than the girls, and Margaret and Emily also tend to choose different stations than each other.  It’s a lot better to have another pair of eyes, and hands, available to help!

Knock on wood because I REALLY don’t want to jinx it but we’ve miraculously managed to stay virus free now for almost 2 weeks!!  I feel like I have to brace myself for the inevitable virus that could hit at a moment’s notice, but it has been so nice to not have any illnesses to deal with for a while.  I still have a bit of a cough that just won’t go away but that’s the worst of it.  I REALLY hope we can have a sickness-free Christmas.  If I could only ask for one thing for Xmas, I think that would be it!!

I’m getting prepared for the holiday early, and hope to have all gifts - for everyone - purchased BEFORE December 1st.  That’s my goal, and I’m getting there...slowly, but surely.  Some people are really difficult to shop for and I don’t really know what to get them, but it will all come together.  I have just a couple of things left to order for the kids and then they are completely done.  I’m going to even start wrapping in the first week of December so I literally can just focus on other things until The Big Day.

I’m admittedly getting kind of excited about Christmas already.  Part of me hates how early they started pushing it on us in the stores, but at the same time I’m not out shopping all that often, so I haven’t been overly bombarded by it.  I was a bit annoyed at hearing Christmas music at Toys R Us this past weekend, despite that I was there Christmas shopping!  It just felt too early.  I was also amazed at how picked over some of the shelves were ALREADY.  I guess a lot of people have the same idea as me, to get the shopping part done early?!  It’s just crazy how it all works.  I actually much prefer shopping online.

But this weekend Andrew went for a sleepover at my aunt and uncle’s, so we took the girls to Toys R Us so they could pick out an xmas and bday gift for Andrew.  Which they didn’t ever do because they were too eager to look at the toys THEY wanted, but we did get a few things and I sneakily went and bought a few things for them while James distracted them in another part of the store, so that worked out nicely.  We stopped at Fatburger on the way home and got some veggie burgers to go, and the girls and I checked out the dollar store, and then we ate our dinner while watching Cinderella on Netflix (which was a treat since we never eat  dinner in front of the TV).

I just finished making a lasagna for our dinner tonight.  It’s always a better day when I manage to get dinner prepared earlier in the day so I’m not having to think about it at the last minute before James will be getting home.  After school I’m going to get the kids to help me make a pumpkin loaf/cake so we’ll have something yummy for dessert, and also just to get them busy doing something (although trying to share the measuring and stirring of baking between 3 kids can be a bit of a challenge and doesn’t always end entirely well…!!!)  But in my mind it will be a fun afternoon for the kids, and hopefully not too stressful of one for me!!


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