2015: the year of windstorms

We’re having another crazy storm with heavy winds, which makes me uneasy because it brings back how frustrating it was being without power for about 3 days there a few months ago.  It would be worse now if that happened, since it would also be very cold without the furnace, which wasn’t an issue last time.  I don’t think it’s going to get any worse though, I’m hoping the worst is already over.

It was so windy when I picked Andrew up from school that I had to pull the driver side door  with all my strength just to open it!  I had dinner in the oven with just 10 more minutes to go and it would be cooked, when the power went out.  I had just thought to myself I should light some candles just in case, since it was dark out by that point, but hadn’t quite got around to actually doing it yet.  Suddenly there was a flicker and everything went dark, and all I heard was Andrew’s panicked voice call, ‘Mommmmmmyyyy!’ from the living room.  I said, ‘Don’t worry, I’m just grabbing the flashlight and I’ll be right there to light some candles!’  I felt my way to the bathroom where we keep our big flashlight in the cupboard, and quickly made my way to the kids.  They were surprisingly calm, given they were in a pitch black room without me.  No sooner had I lit the candles when the power came back on.

I got out some little push lights that I bought after the last windstorm to have on hand for power outages, and gave one to each of the kids.  Then it was as if they were waiting for the power to go out again so they could make use of their cool new lights.  I reminded them that we don’t actually WANT to have to use these, they’re just for emergencies!  But I said they could play with them for a minute just to get it out of their system.  Then Emily said it was time to turn them off, ‘because otherwise the batteries will die and then they won’t work!’  I love it when they point out my reasoning for things!!

We’re having a fire in the fireplace tonight just in case the power does go out, but really more just for the coziness of it, because why not?!


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