This is Halloween, this is Halloween....

I can’t believe Halloween is only 2 days away.  Andrew is SO excited and the girls have no idea what they’re in for!  They don’t seem to remember the fact that they’ve already lived through 3 Halloweens (granted they were only 2 weeks old on their first one!)

Andrew is SO excited about Halloween, given it’s one of his very favourite days of the whole year.  He’s going as a Grim Reaper that has fake blood pumping through the chest (using a little pump in his hand that looks like a heart!)  But because his costume is a little bit flimsy and I worry that he could easily snag the fabric on something, he’s opted to wear a Flash costume for the parade at school tomorrow.

The girls are going as witches and the skirts of their dresses have flashing lights in them.  They’re going to look SO cute!  

I’m really looking forward to Halloween night...and keeping my fingers AND toes crossed till then in hopes that it won’t be raining for trick or treating……

In some ways I’m looking forward to Halloween being over so I can undecorate!  We’ve been decorated since October 1st and in all honesty I’m sick of looking at it all, at least the inside stuff.  We got a new shelf in the living room just a couple of days before we decorated so I’ve yet to be able to organize it in a way I’d like to keep it for a while, so I’m kind of itching to do that.  Except I know it won’t last long, either, because it’ll only be another month before we decorate for Christmas.  Everything happens so fast this time of year.  I can’t believe we’re already thinking about the holiday season...but it’s fast approaching!  It’ll be the crazy rush of getting ready and planning for Christmas, having Andrew’s school friends birthday party before Christmas, Xmas itself, then his actual birthday and new year’s all rolled into one...It’s a lot!  BUT I’m looking forward to it of course, and it’s going to be great because James is going to have a good chunk of time off.  Which for him won’t feel like time off because it’s a lot of work being home with us, but spending more time together is going to be so nice, AND having his help with the kids for a period of time is going to be A-MA-ZING!!!!!


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