Shopping with twins, and Halloween decorating

When I only had Andrew I feel like I took him out so much more than the twins, I guess just by the nature of only having one little one to be accountable for, instead of 3.  And even when Andrew’s not with me, taking 2 little ones out at the same age is not without its challenges, and in earlier stages of their lives felt literally impossible.  Because of this, I feel like there are some pretty basic outings that the girls have never, or at least very rarely, experienced.

For example, they've literally only been to the mall a handful of times.  And I could lose a few fingers and still count on that hand how many times they’d been!  And almost all of those times would have included going to get their picture with Santa, which shouldn’t even count!  Yesterday, after stopping by someone’s house in New West to buy them some cute little dresses for when they’re a bit older (they’re size 5T so definitely big right now!) and realizing Hume Park was a no-go because it was all dewy and unusable, I decided to take the girls to the mall.  It wasn’t actually open yet, because we’d headed out right after dropping Andrew off at school, but Walmart was open so we went there first and checked out their Halloween section.

I love how the girls don’t have to be in a cart anymore, and I sold the stroller last week so we literally don’t even own a stroller anymore, which is AMAZING!  What a sign of our children growing up!!  It’s nice to be able to take the girls out and not have to think about bringing so much stuff along.  We went and looked at the Halloween stuff, and then I told them I wanted to get them some fancy shoes for when they’re dressed up, and of course they were ALL over that!  They love dresses and shoes and, apparently, dress shoes!!  We looked at Walmart first, and I figured we’d look around a bit more in the mall, but they found what they wanted there so we got them.  Size 8 with little kitten heels, which is RIDICULOUS considering that the highest heel I’ve ever worn in my life was a kitten heel, and I was 11!  LOL  But they seemed to walk in them fine right off the bat and they’re really super cute.  They’re black with little silver, sparkly dots, and a silver bow at the toes.  If they were red, they’d look like little Dorothy shoes from the Wizard of Oz.  So cute!  

When we left the store to head into the mall, which by this time had just opened, Emily insisted on carrying the bag with the shoes in them, even though I could tell it was a bit of a struggle for her after a while.  She was just so excited, she had to carry them!  We went and looked in a few stores for dresses for them to wear on their birthday, but when I picked out a super frilly, adorable fuschia pink dress that I was SURE they would love and said they could get it, Margaret said, ‘Put it back, Mommy.  I don’t need it.  I have dresses at home!’  Emily agreed, and that was that.  LOL!  I was fine with saving the money if they didn’t want a new dress, so luckily I do have a ‘3’ shirt I bought from Old Navy ages ago, with cute silver star leggings to match, and a few days ago I went to Sears and got them little tutus that can go over top, so they’ve got a special birthday outfit anyway.  And if they change their mind and want to really dress up, it’s true, they probably do have something fancy they can put on!

Today after school I got snacks prepared into little plastic bowls for each of the kids, piled them into the car (after everyone went to the bathroom, which is mandatory before we leave the house now that everyone’s potty trained!) and let them eat while I drove to Dollarama to check out the Halloween stuff there.  Which made me realize that I have NEVER taken the girls to the dollar store before!  Andrew LOVES little outings to the dollar store, just him and I, and yet I’ve never taken the girls.  Although I quickly realized why that’s a good thing once we got there, because of course they fell in love with everything and wanted it all!  They each got to pick out two things.  Andrew got a little Lego-type army figurine, and a ball and chain Halloween item.  Margaret kept picking things out and then putting them back, but settled on a skeleton head on a stake (for the yard but of course she just wants to carry it around!) and a cotton candy flavoured lollipop.  And Emily...oh, Emily!  She was just the cutest ever with her purchase.  She had originally picked out a little black cat stuffed animal, but then she saw this little barbie type doll with different hair and clothing that clips on so you can give her several different styles.  I wish I could have captured the look on her face when she saw it, took it off the rack, and realized that she could actually get it.  It was SO priceless, there was just no way I could say no because the way she reacted to it was just so sweet she HAD to have it!  The way she carried it to the till and out to the car actually melted my heart!  It turned out that the plastic outfit pieces are pretty hard to actually clip on the doll so she needs a lot of help with it, but as Andrew said, ‘It’s still pretty good for a dollar store item!’  LOL

Yesterday we decorated outside for Halloween, not 100% but pretty close.  I’d wanted to wait but people in the neighbourhood started in the last week of September (which seemed a bit crazy to me!) so I felt like we had to because Andrew kept asking why other people had decorations out and we didn’t.  I picked up some super cool colour changing spider lights today and those are the best addition ever!  I LOVE having lights up for Halloween now, since Xmas lights are one of my favourite things ever, so now for the month of October we also have cool lights to enjoy!

The inside of our house is of course decorated, too.  I love how much the kids are into it, it’s definitely the funnest holiday in my books!  


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