Pumpkin Patch 2015

I wrote this over a week ago so when I say 'last Sunday' I actually mean several Sundays ago!

I can’t believe I forgot to write about our trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  We went on Sunday the 4th to Applebarn in Abbotsford.  We went there two years ago, and then last year we went to Aldor Acres because that’s where Andrew’s school field trip was held.  Last year it just so happened that the field trip was held on a particularly cold and rainy day, and while we did make the most of it and had a good time, I was dreading the idea that his field trip to the same farm this year would end up being on a rainy day, too. It’s also on a day James can’t take off from work, which would mean I’d have to drive all 3 of our kids and potentially also be in charge of one more kid from Andrew’s class, ALL ON MY OWN.  Which obviously I COULD do, but I really, really, REALLY wouldn’t want to.  So when I barely, sort of, kind of, not really hinted to James that we could go to the pumpkin patch last Sunday when it would be sunny and warm, and he full on suggested we go with enthusiasm, I knew we HAD to go for it!  It was totally a last minute decision but ended up being such a great one.

We got there mid morning (it takes about an hour from our house to drive there) and got our wrist bands (who knew pumpkin patches were such big business?!) and also splurged and got each of the kids a pony ride.  The thing is, we thought it would be included in the price for the wrist bands, which we needed for all the other stuff we wanted to do, but it was actually $6 per ride for each kid...Which really adds up the more kids you've got! We’d already got their hopes up so couldn’t dash them, so we went for it.  I felt it was a bit much for how short the ride was, but at the same time it was priceless seeing them on the horses.  Especially Emily.  She was SO happy it was worth every penny.  She was just beaming for the entire ride.  Before we’d got there and James had told her there’d be ponies, she had said, ‘I want to wide on the puh-ple My Little Pony!’  She was a bit disappointed to realize there were no purple ponies, but the white one ended up doing just fine :)  It was so cute.

The kids also enjoyed the 'pillow jumping' and Andrew had fun on the slide (that was for bigger kids).  The girls rode some tractor bikes, and of course the hayride was fun for all.  By the time we actually got to the pumpkin patch part, the kids were sort of falling apart.  They all wanted snacks and Emily was getting overtired and needed her nap.  Margaret found an apple on the ground and just started eating it.  We realized they didn’t have any wheel barrows or anything that could go on the hayride back to the main area so whatever pumpkins we got we had to carry ourselves (when we went 2 years ago we walked and had a wheelbarrow because the girls were still in their stroller then).  But it worked out, we got 3 pumpkins and managed to carry them and found a little wheel barrow to put them in when we got back to the main area.  I went and paid for the pumpkins and got some gala apples that ended up being the most delicious apples EVER because I never buy them organic and clearly I should, wow what a difference!  And some apple cider, which I’m kicking myself for not buying more of because it didn’t last two seconds.  It was so good.  The kids played for a few minutes and then we left.  It was a whirlwind and we were pretty tired afterwards but it was such a wonderful family day, and I’m so glad we went when it was so sunny and warm.  It was apparently in the high 20s that day, which is CRAZY for here in October!  The kids didn’t even wear jackets.  What a difference a year makes, such a good call to go when we know it’ll be nice.  


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