My babies are 3!

Last Wednesday was Margaret and Emily’s 3rd birthday.  James worked from home so we could have a bit more time together as a family that day.  They opened just a few of their presents in the morning before Andrew went to school - his gift (a Merida doll (from Brave) for Emily, and Merida’s mom for Margaret, and Fifi’s gift, which was a DVD of a bunch of Robert Munsch stories.  It was on Netflix several years ago and Andrew loved it, so I figured the girls would, too, but so far they haven’t taken to it (BUT Andrew still loves it, so it’s not a complete loss!)

I had planned on taking the girls to a park before their nap, but it was kind of cold and damp outside, so not really conducive to a park visit.  We just hung around and did our usual stuff, which the girls were totally fine with.  They had a really hard time falling asleep at nap time because they knew that when they got up it would be after school, and after school meant presents and cake!  My parents came over just before I had to go pick Andrew up, and when we got back we had delicious sandwiches (James tried to make baguette sandwiches as close as possible to what we used to get at Baguette Time before they closed out (which we’re still sad about!) and the brie one he made was almost identical.  SO yummy.  We also had some other snacks, and then a giant cupcake cake that Andrew and I made the night before.  It was the cake pan I used for their first birthday cakes, but the beauty of having 3 year olds is that they don’t remember their first birthday and they’re totally fine with having a cake that’s pretty much exactly the same!  I didn’t even make them each one this time, they were totally fine to share.  

For their birthday they also got a cute birthday outfit that I took pictures of them in - a ‘3’ shirt, white leggings with silver stars on them, and adorable little tutus that will be great for when they start taking ballet (I’ve got them signed up for a class in the new year).  They also got a cute sweatshirt and bottoms from my parents, a whole bunch if Peppa Pig (and family, and friends!) figurines, Disney character mini figurines (101 Dalmations, and Princesses), and lots of new pairs of undies.  Oh, and the new Cinderella movie on DVD. And how could I forget, their favourite gift of all were nightgowns with The Little Mermaid on them from their Daddy! (They wore them as dresses for 2 days straight and wouldn't even take them off to pick Andrew up from school!)

They seemed to really enjoy their day, and kept mentioning how they’re THREE now, and not babies.  ‘I’m a big guwl, Mommy!’  So cute.

I wish we’d done more on their special day, but at the same time I knew they were happy with what we did do, and I also felt OK with it knowing that on Saturday we’d be having their big party with lots of family attending.  Who knew that by Friday night I’d be totally congested and feeling sick……..

Andrew caught a cold the second week of school, and both girls got it.  It was more just a sniffly cold, nothing too serious, and James and I miraculously managed to avoid it.  (I started taking Oil of Oregano in pill form and swear it helped stave off the germs for me!)  But then about a week later Andrew caught ANOTHER bug and this one included a nasty cough.  But NO ONE ELSE GOT IT and I should have known it was too good to be true.  It’s just too bad that it waited till their birthday party eve to hit us.  I was feeling flu-like and had a severe headache, but pushed myself and got the house completely cleaned and tidied and sent James off to the store for all the groceries for the party.  The cake had been ordered and paid for (at Dairy Queen) a few weeks in advance.  As far as I knew, we were going ahead with it, and I was just going to keep myself at a bit of a distance and pray that no one would catch what I had.  (Andrew still had his cough but he’d had it for so long that people were willing to come to the party despite it).  But everything fell apart around 11pm.

I literally JUST finished doing all the chores and felt like I had everything done that I could possibly do to be ready for the party till morning.  I sat down on the couch, got cozy under a blanket and put an ice pack on my head and laid back...and then Margaret woke up screaming and crying.  Seriously, it’s like she has a radar for when Mommy relaxes.  It’s just plain not allowed!  So I ran up and immediately could tell it wasn’t like her usual wake ups at night, she was scrunching her face and I knew that look - she was coming down with something and feeling miserable from it.  It took me 10 minutes to console her, and I went back downstairs and literally JUST sat back down and had the ice pack to my head when I heard

Drip, drip, DRIP! behind me….

My first thought was seriously THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!  This seriously can’t be happening!!!!!

I turned my head and saw water dripping all over the little shelf in the upper part of our living room.  The ceiling was leaking, from the bathtub right above.


So it was 11:30 at night the night before the birthday party, we were coming down with a cold, and the goddam ceiling was leaking.  Pretty much on autopilot I went and turned off the water main under the stairs.  This is literally the NINTH leak we have had since we moved in here at the end of January 2013.  NINTH.  Which if you ask me is insane and totally not OK.

In the morning I knew right away there was no way we could go ahead with the party.  I was feeling absolutely wretched, Margaret was sick, Emily had it, too, and of course Andrew was still barking away.  Not to mention no water, which would mean no toilet or sink and nearly 15 people at our house.  Not the best combo!!

So I sent out the apologetic text to everyone that the party was off, though I’m sure everyone was happy to not be risking the germs, as last year Margaret caught a sniffle 5 minutes into their birthday party and at least 4 people ended up with a cold that lasted several weeks as a result!  Clearly October is a terrible month to have a birthday.

At 10am I called management (who luckily is generally available on Saturdays...because our leaks ALWAYS seem to happen on the weekend…) and she said a plumber would be over around 6-7pm.  At least we had an idea of when it would be, but what a long time to wait without water.  We cheated and put it on at times and then turned it off asap, because we couldn’t flush the toilet otherwise and #1 isn’t a big deal for that but with all the kids doing #2s on the toilet now, that’s not something we’re going to let linger!!  I had an absolute migraine and after giving James a short break I ended up having to go back to bed.  I didn’t get much sleep but the rest I had helped my head a lot, so at least I wasn’t in as much agony.  My cousin had stopped by with some cute hats she knit for the girls and I felt like I wasn’t able to visit at all, though she wasn’t really wanting to stay near all our germs for long anyway!

During the girls’ nap James and I decided we may as well go ahead with having a little party for them on our own, even though the guests wouldn’t be joining us.  My parents had to drop the cake off in the afternoon, and our plan for making room for it in the freezer was to make all the appies we’d bought for the party, so we ended up making a bunch of them and used the Minnie Mouse party supplies we’d bought, and just as everything was ready the girls got up and we had a little toast to them with some ‘Kid champagne’ as Andrew likes to call it (which in actuality is sparkling apple juice!) Then my parents came over with the cake, so they risked getting our germs and had some snacks and then the cake with us (which was really cute, with 2 little Minnie Mouse faces on it, it was simple but I’m happy with how it turned out, and who doesn’t love DQ ice cream cake, or is that just us?!)

The girls got dressed up in their adorable dresses that my sil got them for Christmas last year, and we took some cute pictures of them outside in their outfits, completed, of course, with their new black fancy shoes that they LOVE to clomp around in every chance they get!

At a little before 8pm, the plumber FINALLY showed up to change the leaky pipes (which still isn't fixed completely but it's getting there), and a little after that (while he was still here) a neighbour friend of ours from a few doors down came over with his daughter for some ice cream cake.  The girls were so excited to have them over that there was NO WAY they were staying in bed (and it was too noisy with the plumber there anyway) so they didn’t go to bed till about 9:30pm, and Andrew a little after that!  It was a big day, but even though there was some initial disappointment over the party being cancelled, I think the girls enjoyed that they were getting spoiled again after already having their actual birthday.  We gave them a few more presents, that we’d saved for the party - some clothes, socks, and little magnetic dress up dolls for the fridge.  I thought they might be disappointed since it was mainly just clothes and the dress up doll thing was just a little thing from the dollar store, but as they were opening it all up Emily threw up her hands in delight and said, ‘Look at all this stuff!’  It was really sweet.  And both on their actual birthday AND their party day, Margaret kept saying, ‘This is the best birthday EVO (‘ever’ in her language!), thank you Mommy!’ :)


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