Welcome to Grade One (sort of!)

Today was Andrew’s first day of Grade One.

Except not really.  Because he was only there for one hour, in his old Kindergarten classroom.  And tomorrow won’t really be his first day either, or the day after that.  Because the classes haven’t even been determined yet, and he won’t find out who his teacher is going to be till the end of the day Thursday, or possibly Friday morning!

I find this process ridiculous, to be honest.  I get that the first day is just an hour, but ‘back when I was a girl,’ we went for that hour, found out who our teacher was, and we went into the classroom we would be in for the year.  The next day, we started full time.  If they’re just going to be in limbo for almost the entire first week, why not start school on Friday?!  Or next Monday.  And just start fresh on a new week.  I don’t get it.  It’s a pretty big deal to be starting a new school year, and I think it toys with kids’ emotions when you make them think their holidays are over but you don’t actually get them excited with their new class starting.  I don’t know.  If they had it figured out just fine when I was in elementary school, why does the system seem so much slower now?!  It’s not about class size because my class sizes were, if anything, larger than the class sizes at Andrew’s school.  I guess there’s a reason for it, but it annoys me, and it’s upsetting to see Andrew confused and not excited about school because he knows he’s not actually starting properly for another 3 days, yet he will still have to be there all day.

But anyway...We got up this morning and I found myself thrown full force back into the school routine, just like that!  Goodbye summer, hello crazyness!

Yesterday we decided to make the most of Andrew’s last official day of summer holidays.  Luckily the weather was cooperative (unlike today, when it decided to rain).  It was actually quite hot out.  We took the kids to 4 different parks, two before the girls’ nap and two after.  

We decided to try the girls completely diaper free yesterday and there were no accidents while we were out!  Which was awesome.  They also napped with no diapers and did great.  Margaret peed her pants later in the afternoon but that’s to be expected that there will be accidents the next little while.  I just think it’s great that we’re finally taking the plunge and getting them diaper free!  I imagine it will be inconvenient at times, when I have to rush to find a bathroom and drag all the kids along even though maybe only one of them needs to go.  But it’s going to be great to not be buying diapers anymore!  We still have quite a few of the walmart brand pull-ups, so I honestly think I won’t be having to buy them ever again (at least not till we have grandchildren!)

I had 15 things on my summer Bucket List this year, and I went through and discovered we ‘only’ did 7 of those things.  BUT we also did a lot of other things that I hadn’t thought to put on there, and some of them I’m glad we didn’t do for various reasons.  So I think overall we had a pretty successful summer in terms of all the activities and adventures we had with the kids.  It’s just hard to believe we’re doing the school thing again already.  Time just goes by way too fast.


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