The last garage sale ever. And more important stories!

Andrew found out who his teacher was on Friday afternoon, just in time to be finished his first week.  In all honesty, I still find it ridiculous that it took an entire week of school to get the classes sorted out, but at least it’s finally done.  And he got into the class we were hoping, a grade one/two split, as opposed to having him in the Kindergarten/grade one class.  

Saturday was my mom’s birthday.  She and my dad were going for brunch with my bro and sil so we decided we would have them over for dinner and dessert.  I wanted to get a key lime pie for dessert (as well as a small cake since I wasn’t sure if the kids would like the pie!) but key lime is hard to find!  We ended up making a family trip to Superstore in the morning, which is probably a first for us as I rarely go to Superstore (mainly because of the location, but also in part because I hate having to bag all the groceries at the end...and I hate the store layout…!!!)  So even though it seemed like a totally boring thing to do (go to a grocery store as our ‘outing’), it was fun for the kids because they’re not used to going there.  AND they were starting to get their Halloween stuff in, which of course the kids thoroughly enjoyed checking out.  They all fell in love with a life-sized Medusa head that talks, and some of the snakes’ heads moved.  It was pretty cool but I didn’t buy it!  It was of course a serpent green colour, well Emily requested that we buy one in pink!  LOL

We got the key lime pie, and a small chocolate pudding cake, and a few random groceries, including a ‘club size’ veggie lasagna for dinner, which ended up being a great choice.  I’ll admit there are products at Superstore that we rarely get because of how infrequently we go there that I really DO like, I just wish the shopping experience itself could be more pleasant.  I’m actually considering the idea of having my parents watch the kids one night so James and I can go do a shop there TOGETHER.  We rarely grocery shop together anymore (like, maybe once every several YEARS, I’m not kidding) so it could potentially be an OK experience if we were picking out different things and making it seem fun!  (Sad when that could be considered a date night, but hey, we could maybe go for coffee afterwards, too?!  Livin’ on the edge, that’s us!!) :D

Anyway, the dinner went really well and it was actually nice enough that the majority of the party was able to be in the backyard.  It felt like a last little taste of summer, and my mom really seemed to enjoy her birthday.  

I made a really stupid last minute decision to have a garage sale on the Sunday morning.  SOOOOOOO stupid.  I’d been toying with the idea of it for a while, one day thinking it was a great idea and the next saying there was no way I was doing it.  But by this point I’d posted ads up about it on numerous sites and felt like I had to follow through.  So James and I went around and put a bunch of signs up throughout the neighbourhood and surrounding area.  I’d had a huge pile of stuff to get rid along one wall in our bedroom, accumulating over the past two weeks as I’ve gone through things I want to part with.  So it’s not like it took me ages to get everything sorted for the sale itself, and I didn’t price anything so thank gawd I didn’t spend any extra time on the sale than what was necessary.  But we LITERALLY had maybe 6 people come to it, SERIOUSLY, that’s it!  And we made a whopping $8!  WTF???!!!!!!  I have no idea how that even happened.  We mostly had baby and kid stuff for sale, so I realize it was a niche market, but really?!  Wow.  Andrew was so sad and I felt bad for him, because he had a little lemonade stand set up and last time we had a garage sale (which went poorly but nowhere near as bad as this time around!) he made $20 selling his lemonade, whereas this time aside from me, James, and the girls ‘buying’ some, he only sold one cup (at 50 cents per cup), and another guy gave him a quarter even though he didn’t actually want a drink, just to be nice.  Which WAS nice, but wow, what a low turn out!  

I vow this time with 100% certainty that I will NEVER, I repeat, NEEEEEVVVVEEEER have a garage sale ever again for the rest of my life.  I told Andrew that when he and his sisters grow up, if they ever want to have a garage sale AT THEIR HOUSE and they want my help, I will help them, but beyond that, NOT HAPPENING!

I felt pretty depressed the rest of the day because by the time it was done, and I’d driven to Value Village to drop off all the stuff (which I should have done in the first place), only to find their drop off zone was CLOSED and under surveillance so I couldn’t even dump the stuff without a potential fine given they’d get my license plate, meaning all the stuff IS STILL PILED IN THE VAN till I can get back there again when it’s open...I felt like it had been a completely wasted day.  And the sucky thing is that it was potentially the last ‘summery’ day because the forecast turned to lots of clouds and rain moving forward (unless that has changed since, I can’t even bear to look at this point!!)  So yeah...Live and learn, right.  I’ve definitely learned my lesson on that one!

Today James worked from home so I could attend the first PAC meeting of the school year.  We got to the school and Andrew had to show me where his new classroom was, since we hadn’t been told on Friday at pick up time.  It turns out his class this year is on the opposite side of the school from where it was last year.  Which is cool in the sense that it’s something different, but also sad because one, there was more room for the girls to run around on the other side, and two, we’ll rarely see his Kindergarten teacher anymore since we won’t be on that side of the school.  We also won’t see the kids and parents that we got to know from Kindergarten who are in the grade one class beside the Kindergarten class.  It’ll take some getting used to for sure, but I’m also happy about the change.  Something I loved was seeing Andrew go into the classroom like it was old-hat, and I could tell he felt completely comfortable already.  He gave me more hugs and kisses than any of the other parents got, which for him is totally normal and I expect it, but I thought it was cute how some of the other parents thought it was the sweetest thing ever because he is so loving toward me and you can tell he genuinely wants me there.  I savour this time, knowing I don’t have long before he won’t even give me a hug or a kiss in front of his friends, if at all!  He’s still a total mama’s boy, and it’s still a cute thing for him to be that, so I’ll take it while I can!


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