Technology addicted?

It seemed like an odd coincidence that I was just thinking about my desire for less technology when we were suddenly left without power for 3 days.

I have to say, it was a real eye opener to just how reliant we are on having power, and our expectation that technology will always be at the tip of our fingers.

It sucked being without power because I wanted a hot cup of coffee, dammit, and I wanted to heat up my hot pack and lay on the couch with it (oh, first world problems!)  But those were small potatoes, and I could live without those things.  It was an inconvenience to not be able to play music or watch shows (although I WAS able to charge my phone in the van, and then play a few songs here and there so the kids could dance some of their energy out!)  But ultimately none of those things were THAT big a deal.  I didn't particularly like having to view everything by candlelight by a little after 8:30 at night. And it did feel like a big deal to be without my fan for sleeping, but that’s just because I’m so accustomed to the ‘white noise’ of it that I’m more sensitive to all the sounds around me when it’s not on.  I guess I could get used to that!  But not having a phone or internet was REALLY tough, I’m not going to lie.  

We’re so used to the internet being there that even having a conversation by candlelight, James and I found ourselves forgetting and trying to check for information on our phones.  Whenever we want the answer to something, we just look it up so we have the answer and can move on.  Not being able to do that felt so weird!  And not being able to make calls was beyond frustrating.  Some people we could text with and others we couldn’t.  At one point I tried texting James’ phone, in the same house as me, just to see if it would work, and it wouldn’t go through.  I really couldn’t stand my phone being rendered essentially useless.  And just not being able to get any information about the outside world.  What was going on; when was the power expected to be back on; was the storm over?  We couldn’t answer any of these questions if we didn’t have the ability to, at the very least, contact someone who still had power.

We were so lucky that my parents’ place never lost power, so we could go there to charge our electronics (LOL) and use the internet to ‘stay connected.’  (Not to mention, drink coffee and eat warm food!) And this is coming from someone who is on Facebook but otherwise doesn’t even use social media!  I don’t use twitter or instagram, I’ve heard of things like tumblr but never checked them out, I’m seriously NOT on the up and up of social media.  I can only imagine how lost a person would feel who is used to being on ALL those sites.  I’m actually not that huge of an internet user when it comes down to it, but I guess I just like to know it’s there if I need it!  

So, yes, I got more actual book reading done with the power outage, which was good because it’s got me into a novel that I want to keep reading, and I’m sticking to my decision of not-getting-sucked-into-a-new-netflix-series-for-a-good-long-while.  It’s just nice to have the security of knowing all that stuff is still there, waiting for me, rather than the other way around!!


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