Point form weekly happenings for the win!

About 2 weeks ago I picked up a little weekly calendar white board from the dollar store.  It has magnets on the back so I can stick it to the fridge.  It’s totally cheap, and likely if I continue on using it for a while I’ll upgrade to something a bit better, but for now it’s working great.  For the past week and a bit I’ve been jotting quick notes under each day’s column to remind myself of what happened that day.  No more wracking my brain trying to figure out what in gawd’s name we did a day or two ago!  Such a simple thing that I could have been doing all along, but the point is, I’m doing it now, and it appears to be sticking!

I need to erase the board so I have room to fill in this weeks' happenings, so here's what I've got for the last week+:

Sunday Sept 13 - Had our garage sale (LAME-O, and NEVER AGAIN!)  But it was a learning experience, so there is that…

Monday Sept 14 - School day.  First PAC meeting of the school year at 9am.  Went to my parents’ place with the kids after school.

Tuesday Sept 15 - School day.  Cornstarch and water play with the girls after dropping Andrew off.  They actually played for close to an hour with it, which is an AMAZING length of time for their usual attention span, especially Margaret!  It was a mess but well worth it.  (Pretty sure I already wrote a bit about this in my last post).  Andrew had a great day of reading and being enthusiastic about it, so I took him to get his medal from the library that evening for completing the summer reading program.  We also got a few things at the dollar store for our Halloween decor collection, and went to Red Robin for French fries and ice cream!

Wednesday Sept 16 - School day.  Girls, especially Margaret, are enjoying watching The Return of Nanny McPhee.  Margaret calls her ‘Annie Mackfee’, the way she says it is sooo cute!  In the evening I took Andrew out to return his school bag to Bentley...OH YES, that was a nightmare, I will write a post dedicated to that in the near future...Note to self (and everyone else): NEVER EVER EVER shop at Bentley ever again, even if they were selling the last bags on earth DON’T DO IT.  (My personal opinion, of which I’m entitled!)

Thursday Sept 17 - School day.  We went to a school fair, where Andrew won a candy jar with 100 candies in it after guessing randomly how many were in it!  He also dunked someone in the dunk tank that he knew from a complex near where we live.  The girls enjoyed a lot of the games too, and they all came home with prizes, cotton candy, and bellies full of popcorn.  It was a lot of fun!

Friday Sept 18 - School day.  Just as I got the girls to sleep for their nap and lay down on the couch to have a snooze myself (I felt like a zombie that day), the phone rang and it was Andrew’s teacher calling to tell me that he wasn’t feeling well and needed to come home.  He did complain of a sore throat the night before and that morning, but I thought it might be the kind of thing that would wear of quickly.  Unfortunately not, so I had to get the girls up to go pick him up.  Which sucked...but luckily after another hour or so I was able to get them back down for a later nap.  Andrew definitely came down with a cold, but it was relatively minor, luckily without a cough (so far at least!)  In the evening I went to Ikea with my mom, didn’t get anything major but stocked up on batteries, got some cool little touch lights for under the cupboards in the kitchen that give a cool ambience to the room at night.  It was nice to have the outing with my mom and we had our dinner there as well, but Friday night at Ikea is not advisable.  Definitely a lot busier than when we’d usually go.

Saturday Sept 19 - I had my hair coloured in the early afternoon.  My hairdresser is going on maternity leave for a few months, so while I wasn’t really due for a haircut just yet, I did need my colour re-touched.  I was planning to just get the same thing done, keeping my natural colour for the most part and just getting some bright red low lights.  But my hairdresser suggested the idea of changing things up a bit, and a few hours later I had bright blue low lights!  I got chunks of hair bleached out and dyed blue.  I had purple and blue hair (full head, not just pieces) when I was in my early 20s, so this wasn’t a HUGE change to me but kind of a throwback to earlier times!  Definitely a lot of fun.  I know it’s going to be more maintenance, but I’m willing to do it for a few months at least.  I’m going to have to now!!  After the blue fades I’ll most likely switch to purple, but we’ll see.  My appointment was WAY longer than I’d expected, but I still met up with my parents and bro and sil at my bro and sil’s house, which happens to be in the same building as my hairdresser (not a coincidence!)  I ordered some Chinese food to take home for supper so neither James or I would have to cook, since I was exhausted from my hair appointment (am I the only one who gets super tired at the salon?!) and James would no doubt be tired from being on his own with the kids for a huge chunk of the day!

Sunday Sept 20 - We drove out to Queensborough area to check out the Halloween store we’d gone to last year, only to discover it wasn’t there this year (even though the top search on Google would have you believe it was still there!)  It was OK, though, as I knew there was one where Target used to be at Metrotown (which is where this one went this year instead of Queensborough) so we just reversed the order of what we were planning to do.  We also get firewood from out that way, so we picked that up first (just enough to fill the ‘trunk’ of the van, which isn’t a ton but enough for us since we don’t have much space for storing the wood, anyway) and then went to Metrotown and checked out the Halloween store.  Andrew got the Scream mask and I got a little mask that I might use this Halloween instead of the same one I always wear (I don’t dress up other than the mask part!)  We also got some fries at the food court, and then checked out the Disney store as I was considering getting the girls Minnie Mouse dresses for their Minnie themed bday party coming up.  I didn’t like them, though, so decided against it.  I did, however, have James distract the kids at different sections of the store so I could do a power shop for the girls’ bday as well as a few items for Christmas, which was awesome.  I hate Metrotown so if I don’t have to go back AT ALL, I’ll be happy!  Got what I needed, so there should be no need to return for a very long time.  In the evening we enjoyed our first fire of the season, and it was cool for the girls because they don’t remember ever seeing a fire in our fireplace.  We had a couple last year but that was it, as they were at a bad age for fires and wouldn’t have understood the way they do now to stay away from it.  Our outing on Sunday really proved to us that we’ve turned a corner, and life has definitely gotten easier now that we have an almost 7 year old and almost 3 year old twins!  We had a great family day, and the kids were so well behaved.  While the girls napped (before we had the fire), Andrew and I took down all the summer decor from out front and put up a few fall items.  With the firewood stocked and our summer stuff put away, I guess it’s time that I embrace the fact that fall has officially arrived.


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