Labour Day weekend

Yesterday we took the kids to the little train ride near Confederation Park.  We’ve taken Andrew every year for the past 3 years or so but the girls had never been.  I told them in the morning that we’d be going for a miniature train ride after their nap and they were so excited, they kept asking if it was time to go yet.  It was the first time we’d taken Andrew that he was fine to sit by himself without one of us holding onto him, so I sat behind Margaret and James sat behind Emily and Andrew rode up front.  It was so cute listening to their reactions to the little figurines and things they saw along the ride.  

After the train we went for a hike through some trails nearby, and while Andrew started off sulking at the idea of a hike, he warmed up to it and it ended up being a fun little family adventure.  We came across a tree with all these green spiky balls (for lack of a better way to describe them!) underneath and it turned out there were chestnuts inside them.  So we spent a bit of time looking for chestnuts (for fun, not to eat!) and then we walked back to the van to head home.  

Tonight James and I are making up for last weekend, when we were supposed to have our date night but lost out due to the windstorm.  I’m excited that we’re actually getting to go out tonight, and do something we don’t normally get the chance to do.  My parents will be here in a little while to look after the kids.

I can’t believe tomorrow is Andrew’s last day off before the new school year starts.  I really can’t get over how fast summer went by, and I still feel sad about it.  But I know it will be good once we’re settled into our new routine...


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