Electricity is finally back!

September already, seriously?!  Me no likey...

I was so hopeful that by Monday morning we’d have power, so I could get up and all would be starting to go back to normal.  Unfortunately, we were some of the last unlucky ones still stuck in the dark.  Well, partially.  It’s true some lights worked, but most still didn’t.  We still had no internet or phone service, either, and even text messages were difficult to send.  (BTW about 50,000 people in Burnaby were without power during the storm, and we were in the last 6000 of those to get power back...But throughout the lower mainland and Vancouver Island, 710,000 were without power at some point through the storm, which is C-R-A-Z-Y!!  It was the worst outage in BC Hydro’s history).

By about 10am I was really getting concerned about the food in our fridge and freezer.  We were onto day 3 with no power, and what I’d read online (when I was at my parent’s place the night before, as we took our leftover pizza and ingredients to make a salad to their place for dinner Sunday night) was, ‘When in doubt, throw it out.’  It didn’t sit well with me that ALL our food was garbage, but I knew it couldn’t go much longer before it would be.  One saving grace is being vegetarian, because definitely any meat that thawed out or got above a certain temperature would have to be thrown out, but that wasn’t an issue for us at all.  But still...I’d just bought a bunch of frozen foods a few days before the storm, and there were some things in our fridge I really didn’t want to lose.  So I packed up our cooler bag and another bag full of food and took the kids over to my mom’s to use their fridge till the power came back on.  I left most things behind, just stuff I desperately wanted to save, and I’ve kept all our condiments and whatnot because I really don’t think they warmed up enough to warrant throwing them out.  Some people are more paranoid than me, maybe, but I think everything I kept will be fine.  

We stayed at my mom’s for a couple of hours and then went home.  When I opened the door the kids started cheering because the lights were on in the living room, so we knew right away that the power was back on.  After getting the TV set up again, I put a show on for the kids and got to work cleaning out the fridge and freezer.  I ended up getting rid of a fair bit of stuff, but not nearly as bad as it could have been.  

Ultimately the power outage taught me that we’re not entirely prepared for something that could potentially go on a lot longer than 3 days.  Although we did fine, and COULD have gone longer if we had to - it’s not like we would have starved or something.  Ultimately it was just a major inconvenience, but still...it was frustrating, and there are definitely a few things (like a portable radio, and more battery operated lights, as well as a few flashlights) that I’d like to have on hand ‘just in case.’  I’m just glad we weren’t also without water during the outage!  We do have a giant container of water stored away for emergencies, although I’m not sure it would be enough for 5 people for a whole week or something.  If we had a garage I’d likely have several of those on hand, but we don’t have that much extra space at the moment and we don’t have a closed garage.  Maybe once I’ve downscaled what we own (which is currently in the works!) we’ll have the space for more.  I hate the thought of not being as prepared as possible.


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