And then it was fall.

I’ve been resisting the whole notion of fall settling in, and I actually think it has had an impact on me emotionally since the windstorm started.  It’s finally sunny out again today, but it’s not hot anymore.  It doesn’t feel like summer at all.  

It felt like such a different summer this year because it was SO HOT and for such a long time.  I don’t remember us ever having no rain for such a long period of time in my life!  While it definitely could have been a few degrees cooler to make it perfect on the especially hot days, I would take that heat in a heartbeat over feeling cold.  I love summer, I love the sun, I love feeling like our house has several more rooms in it because our yards are extensions of the living room and kitchen.  We’re actually now considering holding off on extending our back deck and doing a lot of the work to get the yard up to speed with the new fence until spring, because I doubt we’ll be out there much now that the cooler temps have settled in.  So sad, and to think we missed out on the last few weeks of awesome sunshine in terms of using our yard because that’s when the fence was being built and the trees were being chopped down.  I feel like we didn’t even get a proper chance to say goodbye to summer!  It was just suddenly swept away.

BUT as of this moment I am willing to admit that there are feelings associated with fall that can also make me happy, even if I wish I didn’t have to layer up and start wearing socks again (especially since socks mean wearing close-toed shoes, and I HATE wearing close-toed shoes!  ‘Flip flops or I’m not going out’ should be my motto!)  I do love the sort of nesting feeling I get around this time of year, where the weather keeping us indoors means getting projects done that were too hot to think about in the summer.  I do look forward to getting creative with craft projects with the kids on rainy days, and this year I’m determined to make space in our outdoor storage for lots of wood so we can use the fireplace more, now that the girls are old enough to know to stay away from it.  I’m excited about those things, and about the girls’ birthday coming up, and then Halloween shortly thereafter.  Which I just realized means I (we!) get to start decorating for Halloween in just a few weeks, as we’re known for being decorated the entire month of October!  I LOVE Halloween and the kids do, too, and it’s going to make the month of October an exciting one around here.

I think the hard part is knowing that we have a whole lot of crummy weather ahead of us, way more months than I want of it, before spring arrives again.  And that always makes me a little sad.  Spring is wonderful because it marks the beginning of what’s to come.  The world feels fresh and new, the flowers start to bloom, and we know that we still have months of good weather ahead of us.  And after such a hot summer, there’s going to be high expectations for lots of sunny days next year, too!  Knowing we have to wait so long for it is slightly unbearable.  Fall also marks the beginning of the school year, and I can’t help but associate that with the weather, because who wants to get 3 little kids ready and out the door on a day when it’s pissing with rain and is cold and miserable only to drop one of those kids off at school and then have to bring the other two home, soaking wet and freezing cold, only to have to go back less than 6 hours later to repeat the process?!  

I miss the days before Andrew was in school, when bad weather didn’t seem as bad because we just wouldn’t venture out on the rainier days.  Knowing you can stay indoors with the furnace cranked and just look out at the weather while staying dry makes it seem a little more cozy and a little less dreary than knowing you have no choice but to go out in it.  It is what it is though, this time of year creeps up on us every 12 months.  Only about, what, 8 more months till spring?!  I guess in the grand scheme of things, that’s not so far away…!


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