The girls' first Playland adventure!

This morning James and I dropped Andrew off at my parents’ place and took the girls to Playland for the very first time ever.  We took Andrew a few weeks ago, and he knew that when we took the girls he wouldn’t be going with us.  He was amazingly completely fine with it, because he knew we wouldn’t be able to do all the fun, cool rides he’s tall enough for that they aren’t.  He had his special day there with us, and today was the girls’ turn.

I wasn’t sure how they would do, especially Emily.  She can be so shy at first, especially around strangers, so I wasn’t sure if she’d enjoy going on rides by herself (even with her sister by her side) because the person tending the ride would have to be the one helping her with seat belts and whatnot.  But she ended up being the most excited one of all, to the point she was half running, half prancing as we walked to the venue from where we parked the van.  

Both girls absolutely LOVED all the rides they were able to go on.  Most of them require being at least 36 inches tall, and they are about 34 inches I’d say.  But only one of the tenders said no to them going on the ride, all the others ok’d it despite their shortcomings lol!  They went on the cars first (Emily LOVED the pink one, and Margaret LOVED the blue one), then the train, the carousel (Emily said she ‘loved riding on the mommy horsie on the cawousel!’), the hot air balloons, a gopher car (or whatever it is!), the super slide, the tea cups, the motorcycles, and a little play area pirate ship.  Some of the rides were gone on twice, and we brought our own snacks but bought some cotton candy, which Emily claimed insofar as she HAD to be the one carrying the bag AT ALL TIMES, OR ELSE!  Both girls loved checking out the outside of the Haunted Mansion, which we had to go back to twice because they were in awe of all the ghosts and much like their big brother!

It was really cute to see the different ways they approached the rides from each other, but also in relation to how Andrew was at Playland when we took him for the first time around their age.  I was amazed at how often they chose to get on a ride at opposites sides.  I imagined them doing everything together, and feeling safer being close to one another, but not so!  They did some rides together and enjoyed doing that, too, but it certainly wasn’t as a means of feeling secure having each other close by.  They got the hang of the place pretty quickly and were loving it, each in their own ways!  

We saw 3 sets of twins within minutes of being at the park, which was really bizarre.  It was so quiet having got their shortly after it opened, and it looked like it was turning into ‘twins day at the fair’ by how many sets we were seeing!  It was fairly cloudy when we got there and I’d worried it would be too cold for the girls, but it turned out to be quite muggy and then about halfway through our time there the sun came out and it was bordering on boiling hot.  There were still a lot of clouds, though, which kept things at a much better temperature than they could have been.  It was nice to experience Playland in less sunny weather, as we’d already had a scorching day there with Andrew (which was awesome, I loved it, I’m not complaining!)  It felt like a different experience, and I’m so glad we decided to take them this year, even though they couldn’t go on any of the more thrilling rides just yet.  


Smelly Danielly said…
We are going to go the PNE next week with Matteo and Evelyn. I thought about rides and if he would be interested in trying them out but I forgot about the height issue! He is 34" tall as well, so maybe we can sneak him on a few. It will be interested to see if he's scared of them or not!
Elizabeth said…
He can go on the carousel and the hot air balloons and tea cups and the little train if he's with an adult! Maybe a few others as well. He's a tall boy to be the same height as my girls already, given their age difference!!

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