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If only summer could last a few more months...or more

It has been SUCH a hot, dry summer here on the usually ‘wet coast.’  It’s been amazing, actually.  Not so much for the earth itself, since obviously we’re in dire need of rain to feed all the trees and plants (which apparently we’re in for - after tomorrow all that’s in the forecast is rain…)  But I have to be honest, I’ve loved how dry it’s been.  I’ve gotten used to being able to plan outdoor events without even really giving the weather much thought, because it’s just assumed it’s going to be sunny and hot.  I love that!  People have been calling this ‘the new California’ and I have to say, I’ll take it!  Now, I know California has been in a serious drought situation...and I also know that it would be nice to be able to get back to using water without feeling such a need to conserve (I don’t even remember the last time we had the kids’ outdoor pool filled up, despite that the heat has made us wish we could use it daily).  But no rain has been glorious, and I could seriously get use…

The story of our fence and the fallen trees

The fence in our backyard is complete...sort of.  It was quite a process for the workers, and I think my head is still spinning from watching the whole thing.
Nothing in our complex ever happens in a way that makes sense, so why I thought they could do a great job of the fence, I have no idea.  I guess I just couldn’t bring myself to not be hopeful.  I guess it’s better than what we had so I don’t want to sound completely ungrateful about it...but…….
First of all, they built the back wall of the fence before doing the sides.  They built one long strip of fence from our neighbours’ backyard, through ours, and through our other neighbours’.  Instead of measuring where to put the fence based from the actual structure of the house, they based it off the fence that separates us from the complex across the way.  The problem with their logic is that if you look down the pathway that separates us, you can see that the fence in the other complex is on an angle.  So while the dead space between t…

A childhood dream come true...sort of!

I bought a Groupon for Dinotown a few weeks ago and on Saturday we decided to take the kids.  Andrew went last summer with the mil after they’d camped over at Cultus Lake (which is right down the street from it) but James and I (and therefore of course the girls) had never been to that area at all.  
When I was a little girl there was often a commercial on TV about Flintstone Bedrock City in Chilliwack, and I desperately wanted to go.  It was just too far away to get there from where we lived on the island, and it never happened.  Several years ago it was renamed Dinotown and I had hoped it meant that a lot of Bedrock City had been saved, but from what I gather the majority of it was torn down.  There were a few things leftover from what it used to be, though, and while it wasn’t much it did feel like I was finally able to check that off my Bucket List of places I’d always wanted to go!
Dinotown was definitely ‘campy,’ but it turned out to be perfect for all 3 of our kids, to the point …

The girls' first Playland adventure!

This morning James and I dropped Andrew off at my parents’ place and took the girls to Playland for the very first time ever.  We took Andrew a few weeks ago, and he knew that when we took the girls he wouldn’t be going with us.  He was amazingly completely fine with it, because he knew we wouldn’t be able to do all the fun, cool rides he’s tall enough for that they aren’t.  He had his special day there with us, and today was the girls’ turn.
I wasn’t sure how they would do, especially Emily.  She can be so shy at first, especially around strangers, so I wasn’t sure if she’d enjoy going on rides by herself (even with her sister by her side) because the person tending the ride would have to be the one helping her with seat belts and whatnot.  But she ended up being the most excited one of all, to the point she was half running, half prancing as we walked to the venue from where we parked the van.  
Both girls absolutely LOVED all the rides they were able to go on.  Most of them require b…

Our summer trip to the island...

I wrote this on Monday, August 10th, so when I say 'On Saturday we got back...' it was Saturday the 8th I was referring to!
On Saturday we got back from a week long adventure on the island, with our home base being a cottage resort in Parksville.  I wrote extensively about it already, in my private journal, with details I didn’t necessarily feel needed to be blogged about.  Suffice it to say, we had a good, albeit totally exhausting, time.  We were mainly there for James’ dad’s significant other’s family reunion (say that 10 times fast!), but we also had the chance to visit some of my family and friends in Nanaimo, since it’s just a short drive away.  
The kids travelled amazingly well, loved the cottage that we had all to ourselves, and were mostly very well behaved (aside from a few, let’s face it, AWFUL moments with Andrew when he decided to be in a really bad mood...!  But mostly they did well).  The weather was amazing, and pretty much perfect for visiting Rathtrevor Beach,…